Partners: Together for an Inclusive Future

On Minite, you'll find over 1000 companies hiring young, hungry talent - all of them hire free of bias thanks to our equal opportunity processes. But these companies take it another step further. We proudly introduce our partner initiative "Together for an inclusive future." We put a spotlight on the companies that are truly here to make a change and work towards a more diverse labor market. Because diverse teams perform better. It's a win-win for everyone. These trailblazing companies are leading the way towards a more equitable hiring landscape and do that via unbiased hiring and equal employment opportunities. They don't just showcase DEI values, they truly practice what they preach. These are the companies of tomorrow, the true changemakers. We're proud to partner with them and will be highlighting their stories across our channels in the coming months.

Should your organization be in this list? If you also (want to) practice what you preach, we encourage you to reach out to us at

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