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Hi! We are the sister duo Micky and Linky, founders of Minite. Together with our team, we work every day to create fair opportunities by connecting students with companies through our AI-driven platform.

Throughout the Minite journey, we have helped over 1000 companies attract early talent.

With Minite, students and companies find each other based on data. That means you don't see a photo, name, age, gender, or ethnicity, but you do see skills, experiences, studies, interests, assessment scores, and more. Through our AI-driven model supplemented with a human touch, we ensure beautiful matches every day.

Why should you care? Data-driven hiring leads to better hiring decisions and higher retention rates. Diverse teams perform better: it's a win-win situation. Together, we can move the needle.

Passionate about talent

We love what we do. Everyday, we connect top student talent with inspiring companies.

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Vetted student talent from €19.50/hr all-in

The best talent starting from €19.50/hr or €130 for one time projects. We help companies attract great talent, and get work done. Working as a High-Flyer means building a strong CV by making real impact, increasing skillset & knowledge and meeting future employers. With Minite, everybody wins.

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What our team says

I love being a Miniteer because of our impactful mission. Supporting students’ career while helping companies grow is very rewarding. It's also super "gezellig" over here. We laugh a lot and have fun together, while remaining laser focused on growth.

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Because we’re a startup, I grow, develop and learn new things every day. The team is easygoing and yet so focused on our goals. Minite is a very helpful platform for students to kickstart their career, and I love being part of that.

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