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Freelance jobs range from creative and analytical marketing to community management, IT, market research, sales, analytics, finance, graphic design and more: you can monetize a lot of skills!

Marketing, sales, and customer care

Want to become a social media marketeer to upgrade a company’s Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok game? A business developer to fill that sales pipeline? Our freelance jobs range from creative and analytic marketing to IT, research, finance and more.

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It, design, and web development

Want to be a junior FE/BE developer for a few hours a week next to your studies? Or are you a kickass web designer or developer? Perhaps you're a passionate Data Science student ready to crunch big data.

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Research, finance, legal, and more

Do you bring fresh perspectives or creative ideas on how to expand to new markets? Are you great at research projects? Can you write Terms of Service as a savvy Legal student, or are you that number-crunching finance wizard who creates balance sheets for fun?

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I get to work with a great team of like-minded people, one of whom is my fellow STAR Management Week colleague, Kelsey. Since we worked closely together before, it makes our work much easier. Additionally, I am passionate about supporting female-founded businesses and closing the gender gap.

BsC International Business Administration
Erasmus University Rotterdam

From my experience, working as a High-Flyer offers a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. The company I work for is very open-minded, which I believe is the case for most companies that use Minite. This job is more satisfying than other entry-level jobs, as it provides a chance to help the CEO and the company while also gaining valuable skills and insight into how a company operates.

European Master in Health Economics and Management
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Ik ben bij Minite terechtgekomen door een gastcollege die ik kreeg in het tweede jaar van mijn studie. Het leek me meteen erg interessant omdat het een goede manier is om studie-gerelateerd werk te doen, maar dan wel op een flexibele manier. Toen heb ik me een paar maanden later ingeschreven en had ik bijna gelijk mijn eerste job bij Equals, waar ik nu nog steeds werk.

BSc International Business Administration
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Ik was al geïnteresseerd in freelance werk, maar wist niet goed hoe ik het moest aanpakken. Minite was eigenlijk voor mij het perfecte platform. Dit komt omdat Minite een groot klantenbestand heeft en part-time functies aanbiedt die ik zelf niet zo snel kan vinden. Precies waar ik naar op zoek was!

Bachelor Communication Science
University of Amsterdam

En bij Minite gaat het meer om wat je echt kunt of wat je hebt gestudeerd. Het voelt meer als een uitdaging dan als een bijbaan. Ook vind ik Minite laagdrempelig, hier hoef je bijna niets voor te doen. Verder is dit ook nog eens heel flexibel, dus eigenlijk perfect voor studenten.

MscBA Master in Management
Erasmus University Rotterdam

I like the freedom, the possibility to work remotely, the relatively high salary for a student, and being able to work in a team full of people around the same age as me. Minite currently takes care of my invoices, which you normally must take care of yourself as a freelancer. Besides that, Minite is always easy to reach out to when needed.

BsC Food Marketing & Business
HAS University of Applied Science

I work as a content marketer for an AI & Machine learning solutions startup. I am directly involved with all marketing strategies and am constantly finding out how AI is used in actual business cases.

MSc Marketing Management
Erasmus Universiteit

Working with Minite has been amazing. They provide opportunities to help me transition to the professional work environment and develop my skillset. The organization is growing every day and that means lots of new, exciting jobs. The platform is clean and user-friendly: finding and responding to jobs is simple. Definitely recommend Minite to every student looking to improve their CV!

MSc Computer Science
Universiteit van Amsterdam

I heard about Minite through a friend. The community felt like one that I would be happy to be part of. The process is very simple. I'm currently a Growth Hacker for a financial services company, as a team of 3 students. I’ve learnt a lot about LinkedIn analytics and the algorithms of different social media.

Bsc International Business Administration
Erasmus Universiteit

I heard about Minite from a fellow student. I signed up because the working experience is so relevant. The process is super well organized: within a week I landed my first job! I’m currently a content writer for a financial services company. I love thinking out of the box and always coming up with original content that will get the most views.

BSc Bedrijfskunde
Erasmus Universiteit

As a first-year university student, I was searching for a way to gain experience, be proactive, and work while also having time for my studies and my social life. Obviously, this was a lot to ask, yet somehow, Minite managed to provide just that opportunity. The platform is easy to use and the jobs are extremely rewarding and flexible!

BSc International Business Administration
Erasmus Universiteit

“Minite offers you a kind of freedom you can’t find easily, especially as a working student. The flexibility and freedom you get is what I like most. I saw what Minite was selling, I liked it, and I bought it – experience for myself and an opportunity to enhance my skills, as well as freedom and the luxury of working on my own terms, without sacrificing my studying.”

MSc Marketing Management
Erasmus Universiteit

For anyone serious about building experience without the hassle and commitment of an internship, Minite is a good place to start. The Minite team provides a lot of useful tips for the introduction calls which can also can also apply during interviews and sales calls.

MSc Marketing Management
Erasmus Universiteit

Classmates recommended Minite to me, and now I work as a marketing specialist (SEO, SEA, social media) for one company and a sales person for another. I enjoy hybrid working. I love how Minite offers equal opportunities for every student - be it national or international.

MSc Entrepreneurship
Hogeschool Rotterdam

Minite is an amazingly creative and valuable platform. The idea is pioneering. I wanted something flexible and exciting, but still be able to expand my skills which I'm doing now as a marketer for 2 companies. Being a freelancer is an incredible chance to expand your skills, gain experience and meet amazing people while having fun and studying full-time.

BSc International Business Administration
Erasmus Universiteit

I really love working with Minite! You get the opportunity to develop yourself personally and professionally while gaining relevant work experience. I was always looking for a job that offers flexibility while still getting the opportunity to make a great impact, without sacrificing my studies. If you’re ambitious and ready to impact, just sign up.

MSc Accounting & Control
Erasmus Universiteit

Having only recently joined Minite, I immediately sought to gain experience. I was not disappointed! The calm and friendly atmosphere immediately put me at ease. The support of the Minite team allowed me not to give up even when I was rejected for a job, and now I have been accepted to my first job in marketing. Proud to be part of this adventure and the Minite team!

BSc International Business Administration
Erasmus Universiteit

I am a content marketer for a tech-startup which creates audio software. I write blogs and articles, and have the added benefit of learning about a completely new industry from experts! I love contributing to such an innovative company and freelancing has given me the freedom to discover what I like in practice, while adding to my CV and being flexible in my workload.

MSc Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship
Erasmus Universiteit

I would recommend Minite to everyone looking to expand their skills and gain work experience! The platform is very easy to navigate and the application to jobs is very quick! Without Minite, I wouldn’t be able to reach such a diverse set of job opportunities and benefit from a supportive team by my side.

MSc International Management
Erasmus Universiteit

I work as a digital marketing strategist 2 days a week, and am responsible for different social media channels and partly recruitment. The Minite team was so supportive, which I appreciate a lot. I would definitely recommend you to join Minite this minute!

BSc Bedrijfskunde
Erasmus Universiteit

As a student of multiple countries, I never got the chance to work remotely - until being recommended to Minite! My enthusiasm was immediate and I got the chance to apply my already existing skills into gaining experience in the field! I now work with a company that runs a project at one of the largest universities in the Netherlands. I transcribe and translate research interviews.

MSc European Health Economics and Management
Maastricht Universiteit

I could never find study-related work but with Minite I actually did! My experience has been so positive. What I love about being a student freelancer is that I get to be productive when I want to be productive. I am basically my own boss which allows me to be more efficient!

BSc Psychology
Erasmus Universiteit

"My experience with Minite was amazing. They are quick to set up meetings and interviews and was always available to guide whenever required. It is an amazing platform to find different jobs and learn new skills. I enjoyed working with them and would definitely recommend you to join Minite!"

MSc Chemical Engineering
Technische Universiteit Delft

My friends told me about Minite. It seemed a perfect opportunity for me, as I get to add to my CV while finding jobs related to my studies. I am now conducting research on online accessibility for people with hearing disabilities for a company that aims to make online videos more accessible. I feel super motivated to work in such activist environments!

MSc Health & Policy
Universiteit Utrecht

My main drive to working as a High-Flyer is the ability to work part time while studying. I now work in data, creating PowerBI dashboard. My advice? That everyone try out freelancing to develop as a person and become more confident of their skills.

Bsc Econometrics
Erasmus Universiteit

"I first saw Minite on Instagram where I saw all the positive experiences of fellow High-Flyers. It’s an opportunity for me to support a start up and get in touch with companies. I now work in business development at a venture capitalist firm. The project gave me relevant practical skills as a business student. This gave me exactly the early career experience I was seeking!"

BSc Bedrijfskunde
Erasmus Universiteit

Minite is a great opportunity if you are looking for a fresh, easy way to enter the job market! I am unlocking my potential. It also allows me to discover new skills. The team is a big plus to tMinite is een geweldige kans als je op zoek bent naar een frisse, gemakkelijke manier om de arbeidsmarkt te betreden! Ik ontsluit mijn pohe whole experience. I would definitely recommend you to join Minite!

BSc International Business Administration
Erasmus Universiteit

"I heard great things about Minite from friends! I love the flexibility Minite provides allowing me to have a part-time job next to my busy studies. I worked on a business development job and learned how to work with software such as Pipedrive and deepened my Excel skills, while also getting accustomed to business communication."

BSc International Business Administration
Erasmus Universiteit

Minite allowed me to put my knowledge in the spheres of marketing and e-commerce into practice and get live experience. I’m currently working as a website programmer and social media marketer for a luxury pet accessory brand.

BSc Business Administration
Erasmus University

As a marketing specialist, I mainly focus on SEO, SEA, cases and social media. I enjoy hybrid working, and was thrilled to discover that Minite offers equal opportunities for every student - be it national or international.

BSc Law
Erasmus University

Minite has allowed me to postulate for jobs I wouldn’t have found otherwise as a student. I find the platform easy to use, so you don’t need to spend hours on applications. The team is always there in case something happens or if I have any questions, which is amazing support for someone like me who is new to the professional work environment.

Erasmus Universiteit

I had a great experience working with Minite. The company was very welcoming, communicative, and helpful in the process of starting to freelance, from finding the first client to the legal stuff. They helped me with those milestones and I can recommend anyone that wants to test the waters of working as a freelancer to use Minite as a kickstart.

MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship
Erasmus Universiteit

I was awed when I saw the results of fellow High-Flyers. I work for a software scale-up where I started in IT/technical support and have now moved up the ranks: I report bugs and test software, which I love doing.

BSc Artificial Intelligence
VU University

“If you’re a student who wants to improve skills by gaining experience as a freelancer – Minite is the place for you. You get the opportunity to work on different tasks for different companies. You are free to choose the task and company of your liking! Minite even helps you with the administrative hassle and interview process. I can recommend it to anyone!”

BSc Economics & Business Economics
University of Amsterdam

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What kind of jobs can I find?

Anything that boosts your CV! Freelance jobs range from IT, content creation, social media management and SEO to community management, market research, sales, data analytics, finance, design, web development: you can monetize a lot of skills!

Are there any costs?

Signing up and browsing jobs is free. Once you are successfully matched with a job, a 10% admin fee applies on your rate. We handle all your invoicing for you. You keep 90% of your earnings. Our success depends on your success - just how it should be.

How does it work?

As soon as you create your profile, you can begin browsing all open jobs. Once you have completed the assessments and been verified, you can start applying. After you are matched with one of the open positions and the company wants to hire you, we will arrange all legal, financial and administrative matters. We support you every step of the way.

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