Violations that lead to account closure

We expect all Minite.works users to uphold our Code of Conduct and adhere to our Terms of Service to maintain safety, trust, and professionalism within the platform. Utter disregard of the site rules, including the following activities, warrants immediate account suspension or closure:

● Performing or participating on fraudulent activities● Abusing or harassing other users● Extortion or blackmail for positive reviews and/or additional payment● Deceiving other users of Minite.works● Falsifying identification documents. This involves submission of fake or altered verification documents.● Spreading viruses or malicious site links ● Gaming the feedback system to gain a positive reputation on the site ● Buying or selling of Minite.works accounts● Posting or participating on projects that violate our Terms and Conditions, such as money laundering, spamming, and hacking. Account suspension or closure due to any of these violations is final and irreversible.

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