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Find & hire 15,000 Gen Zer's based on data, not gut feeling

Looking for bright students to take over a project? Need someone more longterm? Minite offers access to the best student talent. Driven by data, we've found the best talent biasfree. Our all-in-one talent platform offers access to 15,000 talented students, for (freelance) jobs, inhouse days, internships and other career-related opportunities. Manage all your talent needs in one place - that's Minite.

Some of the jobs done by our top students

Break into the German market for Biodami

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Online content planning and creation for BraniQue

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Website content, SEO-proofing and keywords analysis for FairLingo

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Generate hot leads for PublicRoam

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Create influencer partnerships for TraumaPet

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Increase customer satisfaction by 20% for DeWarmte

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Need a task done fast and efficiently? Or looking for longterm talent to work with on a flexible basis? You're just a minute away from instantly connecting with a diverse pool of talented students, vetted. All our profiles are blind-screening based. You don't see a photo, name, age, gender or ethnicity. What you do see is relevant data: skills, experiences, studies, interests, aptitude scores and more. We're here to help you make great talent decisions, based on factors that matter.
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Evaluate Proposals

Start receiving student proposals and evaluate them effortlessly. Chat or interview the most suitable candidates to join your team. We offer support here wherever necessary, to ensure you find the right match.
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Sign Agreement

Experience a seamless digital signing process as you review, sign, and finalize the agreement, ensuring a swift transition to productive partnerships. Our DIY digital onboarding answers everything you want to know.
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Fully transparent timesheets

Our all-in-one platform offers hassle free, no nonsense timesheets for a quick and easy overview. Effortlessly manage and maintain accurate compensation records by efficiently reviewing timesheets. Only pay for approved hours.
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Monthly ratings and reviews

Celebrate exceptional student performance by sharing your feedback through ratings and reviews, and acknowledging
the remarkable dedication and skills exhibited by our High-Flyers. Ongoing Jobs have monthly ratings, One Time Jobs receive ratings upon task completion.
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IT, design, and web development

Looking for a bright junior FE or BE developer? Someone to help launch your website? Perhaps a passionate Data Science student to crunch those numbers for you. A designer to bring your creative ideas to life? We've got you covered.

Students working on their laptops

Research, finance, legal, and more

In need of fresh perspectives or creative ideas on how to expand to that new market? Looking to outsource a research project? Need new Terms of Service written by a savvy Legal student or a balance sheet made by a number-crunching finance wizard?

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Through our platform, you can easily search jobs. Based on your profile, skills, and expertise, you will also be shown matching jobs, allowing you to see your potential new jobs at a glance.

3. Direct contact

Connect instantly with potential clients, enabling both parties to get to know each other quickly. Is it a match? Congratulations! You can get started right away.

4. Getting started

Minite takes care of your contractual and legal administration, allowing you to start working without worries. You just focus on delivering the work, we take care of everything else.

1. Create account

Create an account and easily discover the brightest minds for your projects through Minite.

2. Post a Job

Easily post a job on the platform within minutes. Our platform automatically matches your requirements with students' profiles, ensuring efficient and effective collaborations.

3. Direct contact

Connect directly with interested students and initiate projects promptly. We facilitate swift communication. When it's a fit, you're good to go and start achieving your goals together!

4. Quick onboarding

We take care of all administrative, legal and financial stuff. You can manage everything right from your dashboard.

Vetted student talent from €18/hr

The best talent starting from €18/hr or €120 for one time projects. Need help with a website? Got a bunch of admin work? We match you with great talent that will get the work done for you. We even look after all legal, admin and finance matters for you. With Minite, everybody wins.

Three people sitting in a meeting room

Top talent, in every shape and form

Whether you need a junior developer, a social media marketer or a bunch of bright brains for (market) research, we’ve got you.

Marketing, sales, and
customer care

Need a social media marketeer to upgrade your Instagram, LinkedIn of TikTok game? A business developer to fill that pipeline? Or a friendly, detail-oriented student to solve support cases? You name it, we've got it.

Lady on the telephone

It, design, and web development

Looking for a bright junior FE or BE developer? Someone to help launch your website? Perhaps a passionate Data Science student to crunch those numbers for you. A designer to bring your creative ideas to life? We've got you covered.

Students working on their laptops

Research, finance, legal, and more

In need of fresh perspectives or creative ideas on how to expand to that new market? Looking to outsource a research project? Need new Terms of Service written by a savvy Legal student or a balance sheet made by a number-crunching finance wizard?

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You didn’t hear it from us

We’ve got over 1000 happy customers.

This is such a great channel to find long-term talent

My Life Technologies

A word that comes to mind instantly is convenient. Working with Minite is an easy, convenient and friendly service. Instead of doing the bulk of the work myself, I now watch over it from a higher level, empowering my High-Flyers to use their creativity.


MAGOXX is zo tevreden met Bruno als aanwinst dat hij een fulltime aanbod heeft gekregen.


The type of people that I need are front runners, that want to explore, pioneer, find new things and break things. Minite is a constant supply of these freelancers that had to break things to come up with new ideas.


Minite kon voorzien in al onze behoeften, en enorm snel ook. Minite voelt heel uniek. Jullie studenten zijn écht goed. Jullie weten oprecht het verschil te maken. Heel mooi om te zien.


Top hoe goed Minite's platform helpt bij het maken van de juiste keuze. Een snelle match met een zelfstandige student die direct van start kon.


Ik heb echt de beste van de beste gekozen: een luxe keuze met al dat talent. Onze High-Flyers zijn beiden enorm gedreven. Het voelt niet alsof ze studenten zijn, maar juist ondernemers. Ook de zelfstandigheid is hoog.

Moja Potential

Binnen 3 maanden tijd boekte onze High-Flyer Danique meer resultaten dan een gemiddelde senior freelancer. Ze is fantastisch en ondersteunt op meerdere vlakken.


I chose Minite because of two main reasons: the quality of the candidates and the good communication with Minite.


We've definitely seen the benefits of our collaboration. By having access to a flexible talent pool, we've been able to scale up our operations and take on projects that we might not have been able to handle otherwise

Erasmus Enterprise

De klanttevredenheid is door de inzet van Erik met zeker meer dan 20% verbeterd. En door Kilian voorkomen we dat de installateurs een verkeerde installatie doen en de verkeerde onderdelen meenemen naar de klant. Dit voorkomt weer ontevreden klanten. Heel fijn!


De samenwerking met Minite is vanaf het begin tot aan de afronding heel fijn. Ik had vanaf het begin al een goede communicatie met Levi en binnen no-time hadden jullie al meetings opgezet. Ook de matching en profielen waren heel sterk.

Qualichi Design

I'm actually very impressed with the knowledge of my High-Flyer. I think that's because you only select top-screened students, which meets my expectations. It was so easy to get in contact with her, and she adapted really quickly.


Minite heeft een meerwaarde voor ons ten opzichte van gevestigde spelers in de markt door het grote netwerk onder studenten!


Minite gaf ons de gelegenheid om vanuit een mooi kosten baten perspectief met de beste mensen in wording in contact te komen om ons te helpen.


I like working with Minite and Linky has been a great support in the process. It's also very flexible, you can either choose a per-assignment commitment or a more durable relationship with a student.


What we love about Minite and our students is that they are trustworthy and enthusiastic, and hold on to their responsibilities without us constantly coaching them. They are perfectionists regarding data, adequately checking and preparing data for our AI software to learn.

Please ask m

Minite is such a godsend. Fast, professional, resourceful and a must have for any entrepreneur like me who is wearing multiple hats!

SØDE Design

Goed talent is moeilijk te vinden. Minite levert snel goede kandidaten, en op professionele wijze. Waar een stagiair komt om te leren, is een High-Flyer er voor onbepaalde tijd om waarde toe te voegen. Ze zijn ondernemend en gedreven, met de juiste kennis, kunde en mindset.

Sensus Process Management

Heel goed geholpen door Minite met student marketing.


My bookkeeper recommended Minite to me. The process was clear, simple, fast and efficient. It’s also a big advantage that Minite personally screens every student. That really helped build trust. I recommended Minite to a fellow entrepreneur and he is also flying high with a High-Flyer now!

Bas Sanderink Marketing

Het intake proces is zo fijn, snel en simpel. Binnen no time had ik een top student. Ik ben nog heel tevreden met onze High-Flyer, en met de customer care van Minite. Ik heb ze al aan veel andere ondernemers aanbevolen. En via deze weg doe ik dat weer.

Hustle & Heart Consultancy

Minite heeft hele sterke studenten in huis, die goed kunnen helpen bij o.a. marketing. Ideaal als je nog geen fulltimer wilt. Onze student werkt zelfstandig aan o.a. social media blogs, website en komt proactief met toffe ideeën. Het sprak me aan dat Minite al een voorselectie maakt. Ook de flexibele inzet past goed bij ons. Het matching proces verliep erg soepel.

De Voorhoede

We chose Minite because of its ease and high quality. We found an excellent content marketer. The flexibility is ideal and the quality of talent is high. Legal and admin are all handled, so it's hassle-free. I love how fast we found our High-Flyer! Collaboration is smooth, and work is high quality. and our High-Flyer brought in lots of creativity. Minite is a great support.

Audio intakes

Our High-Flyer runs social media and campaigns. You can spend months trying to find the right person for your company, but for a growing business, it's imperative that you find good people fast. The students I found via Minite were smart and eager to work, build and learn. That is exactly what we were looking for! Some students' skills are as strong as actual professionals, impressive!


We needed to get matched really fast, and Minite made it happen in less than a day. Our students were well-prepared, communicative and fast learners. They were both open to new ideas as well as launching new concepts, and they were never afraid to ask questions. Four leads were sourced within two weeks-- mission accomplished!

Unknown Group

Our experience with Minite is great. Our High-Flyer takes over financial and administrative work so we can focus more and save time. This experience motivates me to give other students a chance at study-related work.

Minite is such a refreshing platform: young, driven by women, with a personal touch I haven’t found anywhere else. They have a feeling for matching companies with the person they really need-- I can see it reflected in the quality of Andreea, my High-Flyer. She's helped us improve our website SEO and we collaborate really efficiently, so I can focus on my core business.


Our experience with Minite is excellent: we couldn’t have asked for more. We needed marketing support on a flexible resource with the right skills is attractive. All High-Flyers are vetted, so it's like a comfort blanket. We’re so happy with our High-Flyer who knows what he’s doing. He’s done lots of analyses and brought in new ideas taking on new tasks by the week.

Blue Ninja Business Support

Minite is a fantastic service for any company that wishes to recruit talented young students for long or short-term projects. The professionals provided to TrooIDs from Minite are of a wonderful caliber and consistently contribute to our company. The Minite team made efforts to accommodate our needs and were very pleasant to work with; I would recommend Minite to anyone looking for new talent.


We hired 2 proactive, hands-on High-Flyers to support our marketing and sales. They work mostly independently, needing minimal guidance to deliver the desired output. Overall, the Minite experience has been great, and it just feels good. The quality of candidates is high. I was impressed by the candidates that I spoke with. We’re very happy with Minite and our High-Flyers!


Love Minite's personal approach. Our High-Flyer Ross’ initiative has been incredible so far. She had lots of marketing ideas. In the first 4 weeks, she ensured good website traffic, accounting for new sign-ups and the creation of a new brand advocate program, launched and managed by herself. Gen Z will power a platform like ours and will help the longevity of swap-studio.


Minite helped us put together a great "mini growth hacking team" of creative, smart, ambitious students full of potential who complement each other. They work together fantastically. Minite is the kind of startup that makes people "fall in love" with them because working together is such a joy. What makes Minite different are the people behind it, and the personal approach.

Fonteijn & Jacobsen

There are so many skills to choose from, but we wanted some support in the social media space and hence Linky helped us in posting the project requirements. Some really good students applied, which shows the expertise available. I like the fact that students get an opportunity to expand their horizons. Overall, I am very happy and will highly recommend their services.


Wat mij het meest aansprak is dat Minite op vernieuwde wijze talent binnenhaalt. Het zijn geen stageopdrachten maar echt freelance werk. Hierdoor krijg je meer professionaliteit. Het talent bij Minite is gedreven en hebben kennis van zaken: dat merk je meteen. Daarbij ben ik ook zeer te spreken over het persoonlijk contact, de hands-on mentaliteit en het snel kunnen schakelen!

Mobiel Centre

The biggest added value of Minite is that they know each candidate. Before, during, and even after matching, Minite keeps facilitating and supporting the process. I was able to hire a top student without any hassle, allowing me to fully focus on my core business. With Minite you know you are in good hands and 10/10 I would recommend you to work with them!


We needed high-quality, engaging blog content and easily found that through Minite. It's a pleasure working with Minite - the process was very easy, interviews were quickly scheduled, and the work was delivered on time (early, actually) and was of very high quality. Looking forward to more future work together!


I love Minite's personal approach and the idea of finding a way to give students a voice. They have an unencumbered mind and are a powerhouse of potential and inspiration. Our High-Flyer’s initiative has been incredible.


Our High-Flyer runs social media among other things. You can spend months trying to find the right person for your company, but for a growing business, it's imperative that you find good people fast - so we use Minite.


We needed to get matched fast, and Minite made it happen in less than a day. Our High-Flyers were well-prepared, diligent and communicative. Four leads were sourced within two weeks: mission accomplished!

Unknown Group
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Our answers to your questions

What kind of talent can I find?

HBO/WO university students of all disciplines ranging from business to computer science and everything in between.

What are the costs?

We believe in transparent, fair pricing and giving you access to an unmatched talent pool at affordable rates. That means you decide on your budget. We charge a Service Fee of 20% on top of your budget. To ensure fair rates for the students, the minimum hourly rate is €15 or €100 for one time jobs. That means your all-in hourly rate (incl Service Fee) starts from €18 or €120 for one time jobs.

How does it work?

Signing up and posting a job is a simple process that takes minutes. We carefully review each job to ensure a good match. With our 98% match rate we're confident you'll find your next top High-Flyer with us!

How do I sign up as a student?

Simply register yourself, fill out your profile and start browsing jobs! If you see anything you like, do a DIY screening call or speak to one of our recruiters for a 15 min screening. Once you are verified, you'll have access to all open jobs and can kickstart your career!

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