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November 15, 2023

How Minite’s High-Flyer helped prosper marketing growth and increase visibility for De Inclusieve Organisatie

How Minite’s High-Flyer helped prosper marketing growth and increase visibility for De Inclusieve Organisatie

Step into the world of diversity and inclusion with our latest interview featuring Madhu, the brilliant CEO behind De inclusieve organisatie. In this engaging conversation, we'll uncover her inspiring journey and her mission to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. We'll also explore how her collaboration with a High-Flyer has accelerated her company's growth and attracted more clients. Get ready for an insightful exploration of Madhu's experiences and her path to success.

What does The inclusive organisation stand for, what are you doing and what is your role?

I dedicated my company to inclusivity and diversity in organisations. We focus on promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity, with a strong emphasis on fostering an inclusive workplace. I've also written a book on this topic, titled “De inclusieve organisatie," which was published in English last month named “The inclusive organisation”. My goal is to make organisations more inclusive, where individuals feel valued for their unique contributions, beyond their skin color, ethnicity, or gender. I achieve this by sharing knowledge, coaching CEOs, managers, and employees, and providing training and workshops on allyship, inclusive leadership, inclusive communication, and how to cultivate an inclusive organizational culture. The approach is comprehensive. To work on this important topic, it's not enough to talk about its significance; we must cultivate inclusive habits and promote the mindset of working together toward an inclusive organisation.

When and why did you start working with Minite?
I started working with Minite a few months ago. I learned about it through some of my entrepreneur friends while discussing topics related to social media and the balance between doing everything ourselves and building a team around us. That's when I began to consider its potential relevance to my business. As my business grew, I started conducting numerous training sessions and workshops. Consequently, I found myself less active in social media. Nevertheless, I still wanted to share stories and insights, both personally and those I pass on to others, regarding this subject. I've noticed that in organizations that don't prioritize this topic, it often remains overlooked. My goal is to raise awareness about the subject and encourage employees to promote it.

My initial thought was that I wanted to head in this direction, but I realized I couldn't do it all on my own, as I couldn't be in two places at once. That's when my entrepreneur friend recommended using Minite. So, I decided to collaborate with your company.

What does your High-Flyer do at your company? How does she help your business?

She helps me with a few things. I always have a lot of ideas. I'm very creative, with a marketing background. So she helps me make sure that we can translate my ideas into concrete content. She supports me throughout the process, from ideation to content creation. We primarily focused the content on social media channels like Instagram and LinkedIn. For instance, last month was Diversity Awareness Month, and I had the idea to create a video each workday about diversity, inclusion, or equity, and what individuals can do. These videos include tips, exercises, and more. I shared my idea with Lotte, and together, we made the short videos. She ensured we had the transcripts and made them more appealing for social media, particularly Instagram. Lotte posted one video every day, and it was a great success. My idea had been on the back burner for a while, and Lotte helped me bring it to life. Lotte provided valuable insights, such as starting with a question, introducing yourself, and then giving the answer. These details often slip my mind, so her assistance is a huge help. The media landscape can be overwhelming when handled alone, and Lotte's ideas are truly beneficial. She's proactive in our weekly catch-ups, keeping an eye out for opportunities related to our topic. She regularly provides suggestions or research findings for our next steps. 

My idea had been on the back burner for a while, and Lotte helped me bring it to life.

Do you have any specific, measurable results that your High-Flyer has achieved?

Yes, we've seen growth in terms of followers on social media and increased visibility. For example, our reels reached thousands of viewers, resulting in a significant increase in followers and new clients. We've also received inquiries from other companies who saw our work and wanted to work together on inclusion within the organisation. So, it's a combination of visibility, a larger following, and attracting interest from other organisations.

What do you see as the main advantage of working with a High-Flyer?
One of the biggest benefits of working with Lotte was her already strong knowledge of the field. She had a deep understanding of diversity, especially in terms of gender-based characteristics. While my focus was on intersectionality and a wider range of diversity attributes, her knowledge was a great foundation. What I found helpful was Lotte’s proactive approach. Not only did she understand the subject matter, but she also came up with ideas and suggestions for our collaboration. In the beginning, I was quite busy, but Lotte assured me that we could find time to work effectively together. As someone who can be a bit scattered at times, I appreciated her clear communication about what she needed for the week, which helped keep me on track.

We also had discussions about ensuring an inclusive and equitable working relationship from the outset. I didn't have to second-guess her actions; I knew that if she had any doubts or questions, she would reach out to me through calls, messages, or emails. This clarity made our collaboration smooth and stress-free. Everything, including contracts and logistics, was in place from the start, which made our partnership much easier.

What I found helpful was Lotte’s proactive approach. Not only did she understand the subject matter, but she also came up with ideas and suggestions for our collaboration.

What has been your experience working with a student so far?
The experience has been quite positive. We collaborate well, and it's been a good experience. I also appreciate the fresh perspective she brings. As a millennial I have a different outlook, especially when it comes to social media. She provides valuable insights into what works and what doesn't. For instance, when I'm struggling with a video and unsure about its quality, she's quick to offer constructive feedback and suggest ways to improve it. This different perspective is very beneficial.
Just the other day, we were discussing how I can share more about my personal experiences in business. It's a delicate topic because it involves discrimination and racism, which can be challenging to address. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, yet people often ask me about my origins. When we delve into discussions about discrimination and racism, I've had my share of experiences in the Netherlands. Some experiences I'm comfortable sharing, while others I prefer to keep private. For me, there's a fine line to consider. I explained this to Lotte, and it was really helpful to get her perspective. She's younger, and her unique diversity characteristics provide a fresh viewpoint compared to mine.

Why did you choose to work with Minite, especially?

Shenin from Hustle and Heart recommended you, and I thought, "Why not give it a try?" We had a minimum commitment of three months, so it felt like an experiment to me. Shenin always speaks highly of Minite, and given how busy I am, I didn't conduct any formal competition or review. I trusted her recommendation and just went for it. I'm really happy with that decision. It's nice when things flow organically like this.

I remember Shenin told me about Minite last year. We work together on some projects and discussed it. I started following Minite to see what you were doing. But I was quite occupied, and I believe that if I work with someone, I want to give my full attention. So, I waited a few months and then decided that the vacation period in August was the right time to connect with someone and start working together.

What I appreciated was the interactions I had with Lotte and another student when Linky was present in the online interview. Having an extra set of ears and perspectives was valuable. Linky asked questions that students and I had, as she interacted with many entrepreneurs and students. She played the role of a helpful intermediary during our conversation. So, overall, it was a nice experience. I also liked the payment and invoicing process was straightforward. It all went smoothly, without any issues.

Do you have any next steps planned for your company in the coming months?

I have some big plans ahead. I'm currently working on my second book, which is exciting. One of my upcoming projects is a four-day training in January, and it's the first time it's happening outside of the Netherlands, which is a great milestone. Additionally, I plan to expand my team of trainers next year because, currently, I'm handling a lot of things on my own. While it's energizing, it can also be overwhelming at times, and I've learned to say no when needed. So, the next steps for me include growth, increasing our reach, and creating more content that resonates with people, encouraging them to speak up on diversity and inclusion topics within their organizations.

As the Diversity Awareness Month has come to an end, we're already thinking about the next steps. We discussed what we could do next to continue the momentum. One recent topic we explored is public relations (PR) to amplify our efforts. We've streamlined our video production process, and now Lotte is taking the lead in brainstorming PR strategies. She has been a great help in planning our future steps. I also plan to allocate some time for my book because writing one can be time-consuming. In the first few months of the year, I hope to complete it, ideally in just three months, compared to the nine months it took for my previous book. So, there's a lot on the horizon.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Well, perhaps one thing. When I decided to work with Minite, I made sure to be mindful of whom I collaborated with, given my focus on diversity and inclusion. As I explored Minite, I found that diversity was not just a surface-level aspect but an integral part of students and their stories. This resonated with my mission of promoting inclusivity within companies creating space for greater diversity. When evaluating organizations I work with, I not only provide training and workshops but also assess their genuine commitment to diversity and inclusivity. I noticed these elements in your posts, online presence and my conversations with Minite, which led me to think, "This company aligns with my beliefs and how I operate as an entrepreneur."

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