Getting your VAT number and when to register with the Chamber of Commerce

Every Minite High-Flyer must request a VAT number from the Dutch Tax Authorities. This video contains a link to the form and explains how to fill it out. We highly recommend High-Flyers who want to take on more jobs, get registered with the Chamber of Commerce. If you only take one fixed project or a very small ongoing project (e.g. 5 hrs/wk), you don't necessarily need to do this. It is up to you - Minite cannot make that decision for you. We do recommend it, so you don't run into any limitations in the future.

Most of Minite's High-Flyers register with the Chamber of Commerce when they get matched with their second job. For non-EU students, you must register with the Chamber of Commerce as soon as possible. This article is useful as well (in Dutch).

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