Getting a Job

Best practices

Try to implement these practices to increase your chances of improving your freelancing career on Minite.

1. Make a good impression. As early as bidding on projects, make yourself stand out from the rest. Present yourself professionally, and tailor your proposal to what the project requires. State what you will provide, how much it will cost, and how long it will take you to deliver.

2. Do not take on more freelance jobs than you can handle. As tempting as it is to accept more projects in order to earn more, compromising quality just to finish the workload that you accepted can reflect on employer feedback, which can hurt your reputation on the site.

3. Stay on the site. Keep communications and payments within This ensures you have the best possible protection in an unlikely event of a dispute.

4. Be accessible. Make yourself available even if you are away from your workstation.5. Go the extra mile. If trying to give your best in all your projects becomes habitual, it will eventually be synonymous with your brand. Employers will keep coming back to you, and your client base will be a lot bigger without you realizing it.

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