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Some of the jobs done by our top students

De Duitse markt openen voor Biodami

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Social media content creatie voor BraniQue

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Site content en SEO-proofing voor FairLingo

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Sales leads genereren voor PublicRoam

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Influencer partnerships voor TraumaPet

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Klanttevredenheid verhoogd met 20% for DeWarmte

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Connect with vetted students for your short and long term needs. Our blind-screening emphasizes data, ensuring bias-free hiring decisions.
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Evaluate Proposals

Start receiving student proposals and evaluate them effortlessly. Chat or interview the most suitable candidates to join your team. We offer support here wherever necessary, to ensure you find the right match.
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Sign Agreement

The platform automatically handles all legal and administrative matters. Our DIY digital onboarding answers everything you want to know!
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Fully transparent timesheets

Manage worked hours effortlessly through timesheets. Pay only for approved hours.
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Monthly ratings and reviews

Celebrate exceptional student performance by sharing your feedback through ratings and reviews, and acknowledging the remarkable dedication and skills exhibited by our High-Flyers. Ongoing Jobs have monthly ratings, One Time Jobs receive ratings upon task completion.
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IT, design, and web development

Looking for a bright junior FE or BE developer? Someone to help launch your website? Perhaps a passionate Data Science student to crunch those numbers for you. A designer to bring your creative ideas to life? We've got you covered.

Students working on their laptops

Research, finance, legal, and more

In need of fresh perspectives or creative ideas on how to expand to that new market? Looking to outsource a research project? Need new Terms of Service written by a savvy Legal student or a balance sheet made by a number-crunching finance wizard?

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Our answers to your questions

What kind of talent can I find?

HBO/WO university students of all disciplines ranging from business to computer science and everything in between.

What are the costs?

We provide access to an unmatched talent pool at affordable rates. That means you decide the budget, on top of which we charge a Service Fee of 30%. The minimum hourly rate is €17 or €100 for one time jobs. That means your all-in hourly rate (incl Service Fee) starts from €22.1 or €130 for one time jobs.

How does it work?

Signing up and posting a job is a simple process that takes minutes. We carefully review each job to ensure a good match. With our 98% match rate we're confident you'll find your next top High-Flyer with us!

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