VAT and Taxes

When to apply for VAT and when to register with the Chamber of Commerce

We would always recommend you get at least a VAT number. Every student freelancer who is working on an ongoing project - any recurring project with no specific end date - is obligated to get a VAT number or register with the Chamber of Commerce. You can do so after you have signed the agreement with your client.

If you are only working on a short one-off project, and are an EU student, you do not need to apply for VAT. However, all non-EU students must always apply for a VAT number, regardless of whether it is for a one-off project or not.

What is the difference between VAT and registering with CoC? Just requesting a VAT number is free and you can do it from a form. This video guides you step by step on how to fill out this form. Additionally, Minite can review your completed form for you to ensure that you have filled everything out correctly. You can email your completed form to, or if you're logged in, you can send it via Support > Chat.

Registering with the Chamber of Commerce, however, costs 50 euros, and you have to register in person. But, you also attain a VAT number upon registration.

It is a good idea to register if you are expecting to become a frequent High Flyer, but whether you will need a CoC registration depends on the frequency of your work and the exact definition can only be given by the Tax Authorities. You can find more on this on the following website. If you want to find out more about the benefits offered by registering with the Chamber of Commerce, you can check this link. Alternatively, you can book an appointment and go to them directly, for a more streamlined approach!

To summarize, there are two methods of obtaining a VAT number, which is necessary if you are working on more than one project and any recurring project also needs a VAT number! •  You can apply for the VAT number, via a form that you post. This is free to do. You can register with the Chamber of Commerce, in person for a €50 fee. This also gets you a VAT number.


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