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The importance of a good profile before verification

A good, accurate profile is what makes companies see exactly what you have to offer the more specific you can get, the better. Focusing on how to stand out, and being authentic to your skill set. Do not keep things generic and try to acknowledge that your profile will be viewed by companies looking for something precise. Add examples and their respective results!

A company that doesn't know you should be able to understand whether it will be a match or not, just by looking at your profile. In that sense, freelancing is very different from regular work, in that a client’s needs tend to be focused on something in particular. After all, a good profile that accurately showcases your skills, experiences, and you as a person, will increase your chances of getting an interview. After the call, you will get one chance to update the profile so you can get verified. So be sure to put all these tricks into good practice and create a kickass profile!


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