September 26, 2022

September's High-Flyer of the Month: meet Kenny

September's High-Flyer of the Month: meet Kenny

Right back at it with another monthly installment of High-Flyer of the month. This time around we’re featuring Kenny, an amazing social media specialist from Bonaire. Now living in Amsterdam, Kenny is studying Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam. A lover of TV shows and Netflix, this course really fits into what he is passionate about. β€œEspecially, analyzing TV shows and the cultural meaning and significance behind them.”

β€œPut yourself out there as much as possible, because there is a wealth of opportunities to develop your skills and build on your studies while garnering experience.”

A few months back, Kenny nailed his first job with Minite as social media marketer for BAND-ADE and their app Tapsody (read their Minite story here), which is designed to bring musicians, venues, and people providing services within the industry together. β€œI’ve been doing a lot of creative work for them - mostly graphic design and editing for their social media content.” He also reaches out to people on Instagram, collecting app feedback and inviting them to interviews. As we speak, Kenny is preparing to interview several artists.

There is a certain degree of freedom that comes with jobs at Minite which Kenny loves, as well as β€œthe range of opportunities or skills that I get to sharpen.” Working with BAND-ADE means being part of a very fast-moving environment, which he enjoys as that allows him to build confidence and improve his skillset even further.

Much like the freedom of freelancing, Kenny enjoys the international environment being a High-Flyer affords him. He also enjoys the cultural aspect and knowledge-building common among High-Flyers.

For upcoming High-Flyers, Kenny recommends to β€œjust put yourself out there as much as possible, because there is a wealth of opportunities in terms of developing your skills and building on the stuff you’re studying while garnering experience.” And what better way to put yourself out there than by signing up to Minite and embarking on job opportunities that offer 20+eur/hr? Go get it, High-Flyer


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