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July 11, 2022

How a marketeer High-Flyer is helping Fairlingo break into the German market

How a marketeer High-Flyer is helping Fairlingo break into the German market

When digital translation company Fairlingo was looking to hire a full-timer for their expansion into newer territory, Minite was able to step in and successfully provide them with a student freelancer, our very own High-Flyer Lisa, to help pave the way for this new market of theirs. Read on to find more about this harmonious match.

Fairlingo is a translation agency, with Myrthe Boes as its marketing manager. They are fully equipped with their very own platform and boast more than 45 languages with a host of translators. “We have a great network of thousands of translators.” Customers can easily upload their files or url’s and the system will automatically assign a translator to their translation, alongside a reviser once the translation has been done. When the entire process is completed, customers get their translation in the email.

Sporting a wide range of industries, Fairlingo has both individuals and companies opting for the service, in a rich variety of branches. “We talk with companies and people who don’t mind some self-service, as most of it is done automatically.” Although there are project managers on hand for the customer usually, if all goes well, the system does most of the work for the customer(s) and that is the reason for their competitive prices. Fairlingo also provides sworn translators for legal documents.

When collaboration bore fruition

“We wanted to enter the German market,we wanted to conquer that and we needed a native German and marketeer to help us with the website and the German market.” Already active within the Netherlands and Belgium, Myrthe sought after a marketeer to help their cause, even sporting advertising a full-time position for the role. “It’s very hard to find the right marketing talent and especially so when searching for a German speaker who can also read and write Dutch.” When asked how her search fared, Myrthe had this to say: “Like finding a needle in a haystack; it was a challenge.” After searching for the right person to join their agency, Fairlingo decided to contact Minite, in the hopes a student freelancer could match their needs. Lo and behold, we did!

After seeing Minite in the Quote magazine, Myrthe approached us with her quest. “The contact with Minite was very pleasant and went smoothly. The student profiles we saw were also very striking.” Bridging the gap for their German market, they were then able to hire our High-Flyer Lisa, seamlessly.

“We wanted to enter and conquer the German market, but finding a native German and Dutch marketer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But with Minite, we found all that in our High-Flyer Lisa.”

Website aficionado - the project details

“She helps us with the website - creating website content and placing it on the website, doing SEO, optimizing pages for the German market and thinking about what keywords we can best use.” For now, their work mainly revolves around the website - which is being filled at this moment. They are making good progress; adding new pages and translating and revising the text for the company. High-Flyer Lisa has an eye for SEO and the marketing perspective, Fairlingo tells us.

What they found particularly useful was the time and load it took off their shoulders. “Lisa helps us a lot. For me, it’s too much work to do on my own - not doable as I’m not a German speaker.” There were particular examples where being a native speaker was a tremendous aid. “It’s very valuable to think along, for example if we use Sie or Du,(formal or informal) in terms of language.” Lisa’s understanding of the native market allows her to give advice and valuable input on how best to approach it. “We were wondering what payment methods we can use best, and that’s something she can give us advice on.”

They also praised Lisa’s ability to pick things up fast and her proactive approach to situations. “...we have a weekly meeting and discuss what needs to be done in the upcoming week.” Lisa always delivers on time and remains a pleasant person to work with, even if they don’t have the chance to meet face to face. “It’s hard for someone who is working with us,” Myrthe states as the only obstacle they had to adapt to. While having some external collaborators, they never had anyone working with them remotely and it proved to be an enjoyable and prosperous, albeit brand new, experience for them all.

“Our High-Flyer helps us with the website - creating content, doing SEO, optimizing pages and keywords for the German market.”

Continuous support from Minite

Fairlingo could have kept firm with their search for a full-timer, however, they vouched staunchly for Minite. “We liked the flexibility you offered - you can see how it works and if you want you can upgrade the hours.” Minite also received praise for its evaluation of the partnership between High-Flyer and the company. “’s a good thing you’re keeping a track on things. I only have positive things to say.” Utilizing the worksheet they work with has been a functional part of their workflow and has paid off well.

With a booming website that is going live in some months, Fairlingo is ready to start actively entering the market - be it in Google ads or advertising. “I would recommend Minite to other companies who have a difficult time finding marketing colleagues, if you can’t find marketers or other talent needed for your company.” Myrthe’s kind words speak by themselves and we invite any company willing to embrace having a student freelancer to sign up today!

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