November 13, 2023

High-Flyer Spotlight - Meet Joaquin balancing studies and thriving in the startup world

 High-Flyer Spotlight -  Meet Joaquin balancing studies and thriving in the startup world

Introducing the next edition of our "High-Flyer Spotlight" blog series! In this episode, we have Joaquin taking the stage, and he's here to share his incredible journey as a High-Flyer. Hailing from Argentina and currently pursuing a Master's in Business Analytics Management at Erasmus University, Joaquin's story is a testament to the unique experiences and opportunities that come with being a part of Minite.

Hi! Can you tell us how you found out about Minite?

I discovered Minite during my first year at university in 2020 through a WhatsApp group chat. If I'm not mistaken, I believe I was one of the first High-Flyer to sign up!

What jobs have you done with Minite so far? Can you tell us more about what you do in those jobs?

I have held two positions with Minite so far. The first one was at a Microsoft license consulting startup, where I, along with another High-Flyer, managed their marketing efforts. Our primary focus was on LinkedIn and YouTube content, scheduling, and organization. It was an excellent first job that allowed me to learn more about effectively managing marketing campaigns, developing visual content with Figma, and collaborating with supervisors.  It was also the first time that I jumped into the analytical side of things which began my interest in this career.

Currently, I work for Levvr, an incredibly exciting and rapidly growing startup that's developing an app to transform process and requirement management. Once again, I am responsible for the marketing side of the business. I work closely with the co-founders and the team to create LinkedIn content, write newsletters, and engage in various other exciting projects. 

What do you like most about your job(s) at Minite?

My favorite aspect of the job is the flexibility and responsibility it provides. It's flexible in terms of the tasks and interests I can pursue. My bosses encourage me to voice any ideas or areas, I'd like to get involved in, learn more about, or approach differently. For instance, I discussed my interest in NLP (Natural Language Processing) with them, and they were enthusiastic about how it could align with their future plans. I also genuinely appreciate the level of responsibility they entrust to me. Being a 21-year-old, it's particularly gratifying to have their trust in handling delegated tasks and making a meaningful impact. They value my input and don't expect a 'yes man' – they actively seek my opinion on various topics.

What do you love most about being a High-Flyer? 

My favorite aspect is unquestionably the flexibility it offers. As a High-Flyer, I have control over my schedule that few jobs can provide. Balancing my Master's program, basketball, a board position, and more, the ability to choose when and how I work is incredibly valuable. It's what has allowed me to continue this work for over two years.

Why would you recommend to your friend to start working at Minite?

For everything described above, Minite allows you to gain valuable and relevant experience at fast-paced startups while earning well above the average student wage. You also retain control over your schedule. It's honestly a fantastic way to enter the job market because these companies know exactly what they're getting when they hire you, with clear expectations set. They're willing to support your learning and growth in your role. Gaining this experience while still being able to pursue your education and other hobbies is incredibly useful for any young professional. That's why I've already recommended Minite to many of my friends, and not just for the referral bonus, haha.

If you've been inspired by Joaquin's story and want to be a part of the exciting opportunities at Minite, then sign up today and start flying high!

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