December 21, 2022

December's High-Flyer of the Month: meet Thomas

December's High-Flyer of the Month: meet Thomas

We're back with another High-Flyer of the month episode. This month we're featuring Thomas, who is another outstanding talent! Thomas currently studies Business Administration at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His dad told him about Minite (thank you, dad!) and fast forward to today and Thomas already has two jobs as a High-Flyer under his belt. That calls for recognition!

Thomas, you just started freelancing and already have two jobs. Tell us more!

Hi! So I've got two jobs currently indeed. One is for Claire Begheyn. She is an artist and creates wonderful things. I support Claire in creating social media content for her business. My second job is for Puur en Kuur, a luxury travel agency in Amsterdam. I'm currently helping them design a luxury coffee table book. Both jobs are very fun! They gave me the opportunity to learn new skills. I love that Minite offers a variety of assignments, allowing me to expand my expertise. Minite is an enthusiastic, fresh platform where you can find a lot of great assignments for students. The support from Minite is also incredibly helpful. They check in with High-Flyers often and make sure everything runs smoothly. It's a great option for university students to find fulfilling work that they can do while still being in school.

I love that Minite offers a variety of assignments, allowing me to expand my expertise.

What do you love most about being a High-Flyer?

With Minite, students have the chance to pick up new assignments in a variety of sectors. Doing what you enjoy is extremely beneficial for students. You can do shoots if you're a photographer. You can be a social media person if you are skilled at it. For students looking to get into these kinds of careers, Minite is really helpful. Everyone at Minite is a professional, and there are so many options and opportunities for us students here at Minite.

Any advice for fellow students, why they should start working at Minite?

It's so much better than working a supermarket job! I love what I'm doing now. If you get the job, you really are treated as a freelancer. The independence you get, the new skills you are learning, and the experience you gain are all very beneficial for your future. Ideal to boost your CV.

If you have enjoyed reading through Thomas' journey and want to jump aboard the Minite kite ride, then go ahead and sign up today to start flying high!

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