March 26, 2021

5x SEO Quick Wins in 5 Mins: A Beginner’s Guide

5x SEO Quick Wins in 5 Mins: A Beginner’s Guide

Want to drive more traffic to your website? Improve your online ranking? Generate high-quality leads? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is here to save the day! Here are 5 quick SEO wins in 5 minutes to help you improve your website’s search engine ranking. You can take all these actions by yourself, it’s a beginner’s guide after all!

1. Does Google know about my website?

Here’s how to test this, search for site: <name of site_URL> on Google. For the Minite website, the search entry is If no pages appear, common reasons are that the website is very new, the design of the website makes it harder for Google to crawl its pages or Google might just have missed it. To solve this, you can set up Google Search Console and add a sitemap (file listing all the pages on your website) to allow search engines to find your content online. To go the extra mile, set up Google My Business for your company to help you manage how your business information appears across Google, improving your ranking.

2. Optimize your page experience!

Be descriptive. Be accurate. Keep your content up to date. Take care of your website and make sure the visitor experience ranks high. If you are not sure that is the case for your site, check the Google Webmaster Guidelines for some best practices. Did you know 52% of searches happen on mobile? How mobile-friendly is your website? Provide a secure connection for your users and add the holy https:// to the website address. No one likes to click on shady website links. No one. Lastly, check how fast your website loads. Everyone appreciates fast-loading pages, even Google.

3. Keywords

A good keyword strategy is part of a great SEO plan. While we could write entire books about keywords, we'll focus on the basics for now. Think about what your possible customers search for online, what queries they use to search for what you're offering. Another take at this is looking at your competitors and what their top keywords are. Start by doing a little research work on Google and compiling a good list of keywords. Done? Great, onto the next one!

"A good keyword strategy is part of a great SEO plan, and it's easy to start with the basics"

4. On-page SEO

Here are a few easy things you can do on your website, directly impacting your search rankings. Use short, descriptive URLs: you can even include a target keyword here if you have the chance. Create good meta descriptions for your website pages. This is what search engines use to describe your page in the search results. Use descriptive and accurate terms, including the keyword you want to rank for here as well. The snippet is the primary piece of information that makes a viewer decide on which site option to click and check further.Google will not always use your exact meta description, sometimes it generates the headline itself.

"While humans love visuals, search engines don’t always understand them. "

5. Tracking your SEO success

Like with everything else, tracking your SEO performance is vital. You want to have a set of goals for your website and achieve them. Keeping tabs on your efforts will help you change or add to your current strategy, as well as identify when things go wrong. There are plenty of SEO-oriented tracking tools available, however, as a beginner, you want something good, free, and trust-worthy.

  • Google Search Console -  a free platform that helps track the performance of your website in search rankings, as well as, monitor and check your website for issues. Must-have tool SEO-wise.
  • Google Analytics - offers insights for your website traffic. Allows access to key metrics you want to track and lots of valuable data.

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the first level of SEO mastery! What’s next? Keep an eye out for our upcoming articles and unlock the next levels!

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