August 15, 2022

5 Common Misconceptions About Student Freelancers, Part II

5 Common Misconceptions About Student Freelancers, Part II

Hello, you! You’re probably here because you’ve considered the idea of trying student freelancing. We’re glad to see you! But oh, why do you have that worried look on your face? We know what you’re thinking-- What if it’s all a trap and I get even more overwhelmed? Here are the five most common misconceptions about being a student freelancer and why they aren’t true when you have Minite’s magic on your side.

The key to student freelancing is flexibility-- you’ll find that there’s a lot of freedom that comes with freelancing.

1. I’m already studying full-time.. freelancing is just not a priority, I don’t see the benefit?

First of all, let us ask you, isn’t ice cream always better with the sprinkles on top? Where does that stew get its magic kick from? The sauce? The color and depth of student life comes from extracurriculars and exploring yourself beyond the classroom. So we suggest to get creative and add the sprinkles on top: just as you’re joining cool new student associations, you can discover what kind of ingredients you like in your professional pie and perfect the flavor before you put it in the oven-- put itdifferently, if you make time for this now, you’ll save time later. As your years in university are supposed to prepare you for work-life, studying alone is never enough, and excelling in academia does not automatically mean you’ll excel in the workplace. It’s of utmost importance to get career inspiration from exposure to your industries of interest-- not only from a textbook or a documentary, but from a real-life company! There’s a huge difference between the learning curve in academia (where there are clearly defined paths and you know exactly what to expect) and in the professional world (where you often need to navigate the unknown). You’ll find that time is on your side if you get accustomed to that now: dip your toes in the water so you can get used to the temperature before you go all the way in!

2. Student freelancing is like an internship, right?

Not in the slightest… it’s far better! While you may get more guidance as an intern, you also have fewer responsibilities, which also means fewer learning opportunities. Your role in the company is more passive than it is active and critical, even though you’re probably committing your 9-5 every weekday to that internship. Student freelancing is different: the flexibility and independence you enjoy in your task challenges you to find new ways to cultivate personal productivity. You’re prompted with more responsibility and therefore get to add value from day one. Working as a student freelancer opens your door to the career world by giving you real tasks, from which you can observe real impact: Minite’s High-Flyers know this. Ross, who recently got matched with her first task, is discovering the autonomy and creativity to which any freelancing opportunity extends: “I am currently working as a brand advocate ambassador at a sustainable fashion company called swap-studio. As I’m managing the brand ambassador program, I get to execute my ideas at a very fast pace, which I very much enjoy, as I can quickly assess whether my initiatives are successful.”

3. I’m not qualified enough to join the workforce this early...

Yes, you are, you wonderful student! Guess what? All those previous part-tim jobs, years volunteering, or internships add up to a heck of a lot of experience that is just waiting to be flaunted and applied! Think about your current involvement. Do you happen to be on the board of a committee this year? Perhaps you’re interested in finance and joined your university’s consulting association last year. Well, what are you waiting for? Boost your professinal portfolio with a backing in leadership and exposure to finance from that consulting association of yours, and take the possible task opportunity of working as a growth hacker in a financial services company via Minite! You knowore than you think.

Birsu, a Minite High-Flyer and psychology student at Erasmus University, has been publishing writing related to her studies regularly on a well-renowned mental-wellness blog, in addition to being on the content creation and HR committee of two international associations. “I saw an opportunity related to my field. With help from Minite, I scored the task.” But not only that… we’re here to help you with any uncertainties when it comes to the career world.  “I got some great advice on future plans, as I’m still uncertain about what I want to do.” No better way to find out than to put your experience to the test and entertain that ambitious mind of yours… Birsu has now graduated with her bachelor’s with work experience as a High-Flyer and a real gauge of where and how she can make her skills shine.

The best initiatives are never imposed… with your own time schedule as a student freelancer, you can  bask in the sunlight of success seen from a smarter angle.

4. But I’ll be restricted to office hours!

Most certainly not! As a freelancer, you’re given lots of freedom and flexibility, as we mentioned in our first misconception. You can work whenever you want, wherever you want. “I get to be productive when I want to be productive,” says Birsu. The key to student freelancing is flexibility-- you’ll find that there’s a lot of freedom that comes with freelancing. “I work at my own pace and whenever I want,” says Sylvia, who’s currently on a growth hacking task. “Once a week, our team schedules meetings based on our availability, and that’s it.” That means you’ll get the opportunity to learn about a whole new way of working: honing your energy and focus when you are ready to do so, as opposed to dragging yourself to an early morning lecture that you are definitely not going to retain anything from. Freelancing teaches you that the best work is not imposed, it comes from initiative… and initiative runs on a different time schedule for everyone. So bask in the sunlight of success seen from a smarter angle, and start on the road of student freelancing!

5. I’m not experienced enough to get paid a lot!

Not true, mon ami! As we’ve just seen, you know more than you think, and you’ve done more than you give yourself credit for-- to realize your potential, you’ve got to put it to the test, and we think it’s only fair that you get compensated accordingly! That early bravery and boldness in the career world is most certainly deserving of Minite’s minimum hourly rate of 17 euros, and here’s why: you add real value to the company, and truly help them grow their business. The furious yet fruitful challenge of freelancing is that you’ll be learning something new, increasing your knowledge and skills while adding value virtually every single time you log on to work. Then, it’s only logical to value your progress (because your progress is essentially the company’s growth!) the way it would be valued everywhere else in the professional world, with proper compensation. The more experience you gain along your freelancing journey, the higher your value becomes, and here at Minite, we think the growing roots of a tree are just as valuable as the tree itself. You’re building your early roots, and you have some experience going for you, so don’t sell yourself short!

Becoming a High-Flyer can be a step out of your comfort zone, in multiple ways, but you’ll learn so many valuable lessons for life: managing your time effectively, building an effective work environment to focus in, and gaining unique career experience, ahead of the curve. And now that we’ve busted these five big myths, aren’t you feeling a bit more confident on diving into the ocean of industry opportunity and getting creative with your professional development? Have a try yourself, and sigup to become a High-Flyer today. Sail the seas of success!

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