High-Flyer Screening Call

Get verified sooner with our new screening feature: recorded videos for verification instead of a verification call! Do it in your own time, whenever suits you. Plus, it's usually faster than booking a call.

How it works

Record yourself answering the below questions. You can use Zoom or any tool you prefer. Make sure your profile is open and you are screen sharing. Have your video on, we love seeing your faces!

The goal of this video is to assess if you can demonstrate that you have sufficient experience of the skills mentioned in your profile and whether you understand and also are able to work as a freelancer with Minite.

Before you begin
If an employer would look at your profile right now, would they have all the information they need to invite you for an interview? For example, if you added a marketing skill, a company would want to know e.g. which channels you worked with, what was your task, results. For sales: how much revenue did you generate, which part of the sales cycle did you work on, how did you do it. Explain how you have applied/used/practiced your skills.

Have you done a committee, board year or internships? Add it to your profile!

Answer the following questions (15 min max, 10 is ideal):
1. Can you shortly introduce yourself?

2. Can you walk us through your experiences on your profile? Be very specific and concrete about your skills and how you gained them. 

3. What qualities do you think a freelancer should have?

4. Can you give an example that shows you're a proactive person?

5. Can you give an example of a situation where you did not have all the needed information and how did you handle this?

6. What makes you stand out as an High-Flyer? 

That's it! Now send it our way!
1. Name your file: Date/YourFirstNameYourLastName, for example 15052023/AnnaSmit
2. Send it via WeTransfer to highflyers@minite.works with title: HF screening
3. We will review your video and you'll receive a decision within 5 working days

Happy High-Flying!