What is a student freelancer, really?

Oftentimes, companies confuse a student freelancer with an intern. Our High-Flyers are students who, next to their studies, do freelance work for X amount of hours per week. Their skills are backed up with experience or knowledge, and we screen every High-Flyer.

Read this blog on the difference between a student freelancer and an intern, and on the most common misconceptions about our High-Flyers. What does that mean financially/administratively speaking? Basically, it means you have zero admin! The only cost you have is the student hourly rate and the 15% Minite service fee. That is all. Because they are freelancers and not an employee, you do not need to add them to your payroll or pay any kind of premiums. This also means you pay your High-Flyer purely for worked hours - not for sick leave, holidays, etc.

Your student freelancer will work mostly remotely, though exceptions are possible. They are part of your extended team and they often have the freedom to decide their own hours. In agreement, you can set working hours for your freelancer or ask them to be present at your office if that helps for alignment. The idea behind our High-Flyers is that you can give them work or deliverbles, so that you can focus on your core business. Our student freelancers are proactive, meaning they take the initiative so you can rest easy!

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