February 28, 2023

Your first High-Flyer, now what? Off to a flying start: setting a foundation for success

Your first High-Flyer, now what? Off to a flying start: setting a foundation for success

Knowing how to onboard your High-Flyer in week one will save you a lot of time, and we wrote an article on steps you can take for making your first week with your new High-Flyer efficient and engaging. But today, we’re in it for the long haul. How can you make sure your High-Flyer maintains their magic throughout the entire duration of your task, and how can you simultaneously cultivate growth and continuously tap into their promising pool of talent? Let’s go through the best practices for setting the foundations for success when it comes to High-Flyers.

Operating on clear deliverables allows your High-Flyer to work with greater ease, and gets them off to a flying start.

1. Communicate frequently so you can connect efficiently

We get it, you’re busy. You’re growing and have a million things on your plate, but infrequent communication with your High-Flyer isn’t going to make any of that easier. Imagine you are running a farm. If you’ve just hired a shepherd but you haven’t explained to him how to herd sheep, then what is the point of him being there to help? Similarly, your High-Flyer needs to be in the loop when it comes to communication-- who can they go to for what, and when? Who are their main contact people? What channel of communication do you prefer, and for what kind of urgency? Make sure the respective people connected to your High-Flyer are staying in touch with them, so that you avoid having to clarify everything for them when you have meetings intended for other things. For instance, if you have two other members in your company’s sales team, then you should make sure your creative content High-Flyer hero is on the same page as they are. Establish a clear and concrete reference group for your High-Flyer, and they’ll feel more secure in their work already.

2. Work with deliverables

This helps you manage your expectations upfront. Once you know what you need, you also know what you can ask for. We strongly recommend scheduling a thirty-minute alignment call with your High-Flyer each week, so you can go over what your High-Flyer has done this week and discuss and confirm deliverables for the week to come, or whatever timeline you prefer working on. This way, you’re making sure that your High-Flyer stays aligned with your needs and expectations. Operating on deliverables also allows your High-Flyer to make the best use of their time, since it will help them work independently and can therefore work with greater ease being somewhat detached from the team.

3. Delegate in due time: let your High-Flyer plan at least two weeks ahead

When things get busy, it won’t always be easy for you to stay committed to that previously mentioned frequent communication channel we were stressing. Perhaps you’ll have an unexpectedly busy week at work, or maybe you’re just out of office for two weeks. Consequently, your High-Flyer may remain out of the loop if you haven’t planned ahead and discussed future goals/ tasks with them. This is something that can also be gone over in Minite’s suggested 30-minute weekly Zoom meeting with your High-Flyer, where you can first communicate what’s due now and then also prepare them for what’s due not so long from now. Because time flies when you’re growing, Minite recommends telling your High-Flyer to plan their work at least two weeks in advance. That way, when things get blurry, you’ve both already got your own pair of glasses to help you see clearly what’s ahead, and there won’t be any additional communication necessary-- smooth sailing in the seas of success!

When things get blurry, planning ahead means that you’ve both already got your own pair of glasses to help you see clearly what’s ahead. Smooth sailing in the seas of success!

Prepped and packed to fly even higher? With our last onboarding article and these tips for sustained success with your student freelancer, you’ve committed to the loyal formula of the long-haul: preparation + patience = ultimate productivity and value add from your High-Flyer. May you see your company thrive with our High-Flyer by your side! Sign up and post your freelance job today

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