May 5, 2021

Why a High-flyer beats an intern

Why a High-flyer beats an intern

The lines between an intern and a freelancer can sometimes get blurred. Ever wondered what the actual differences between hiring an intern or student freelancer (aka High-flyer) are? Is one better than the other? Weโ€™re about to find out!

1. Training & Guidance

An intern needs proper onboarding, training, guidance and "handholding." It's time-consuming and heavy especially if you are already short on resources. A freelancer on the other hand is a highly independent worker who can directly add value to your business from the very beginning. Our High-Flyers are experienced through a range of extracurriculars including committees, part-time jobs, internships and young leadership positions during which they have acquired relevant skills that they can apply to your business. It's not their first rodeo: they know what needs to be done (in fact, they may even teach you a thing or two!) . Saving time and other resources allow for efficiency and will help you grow your business faster.

2. Added Value

A freelancer comes with skills, and is paid for work carried out. The freelancer has a certain expertise and has already gained experience that recommends them for the task at hand. An intern is mostly hired as simply an extra pair of hands to help with ad-hoc tasks (under guidance). An intern is a young, exciting mind that you will help shape and get ready for the corporate life. A High-Flyer however has that same young, bright mind but with knowledge and skills on top of it, and will help you grow your business directly when, where and how you need it - all independently.


"While interns cost time and require guidance, freelancers save time and add value"

3. Flexibility

Freelancers offer flexibility in a way interns cannot. Need a graphic designer today, and an online marketeer tomorrow? You got it. You decide when and for how long you need someone, and your freelancer is available to you at the click of a button. Freelancers are hired exactly when the business needs it. An intern however is often available during fixed time periods (most often only during internship season as well). An internship needs to fit the student's schedule, whereas a freelancer works to accommodate yours.

Moreover, High-Flyers are independent remote workers meaning you don't need to worry about offering desk space or (IT) equipment.

A High-flyer (student freelancer) is not an intern

4. Looking at the bigger picture

It is common for freelancers to juggle multiple projects at once, working on their own time schedule. Traditional freelancers are hired for short-term projects which thus translate into short-term relationships. However, with our student High-Flyers, you get all the benefits of a freelancer while still maintaining the opportunity to build relationships that can turn into long-term employment. Our High-flyers won't be freelancers forever: their intentions are to add value to your business, gain relevant experience and meet future employers in the process. Your High-flyer could be your next fulltimer, and this is a great opportunity to meet and work together in a low-risk setting. You never know when the opportunity arises. It's a win-win scenario from where we stand!

Hiring an intern or opting for a freelancer depends on your requirements and what resources you have available. As a rule of thumb, you can use this: while interns cost time and require guidance, freelancers save time and add value.

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