September 2, 2021

Welcome First-Years: How to make the most of your university experience

Welcome First-Years: How to make the most of your university experience


Hello, you! Look around, you’ve arrived in university-land! The world of grandiose opportunity, growth, and adulting won’t necessarily take you by the hand, but there are ways to master your first-year experience and benefit to the max. We present to you: Minite!

Yes, that’s us-- Minite, a digital student freelancing platform that connects you with the coolest startups and scaleups, looking for university talent just like you to help their business reach new heights. That’s why we call our students High-Flyers-- we believe you’re already equipped with an impressive set of wings as you start university, and we want to empower early career experience for you, so that you can apply your academic learning directly to a real workforce environment without having to wait until you graduate.

You know more than you think

Perhaps, because you’re beginning an entirely new chapter of your life now, you feel like an empty plate in terms of skills and experience. But that’s exactly what many startups are looking for: fresh minds to boost innovation and growth.

And even so, you aren’t an empty plate-- Think about some of the hobbies you’ve picked up in the past years. Are you interested in graphic design? Programming? Great, you could be the next web design champion for a company eager to discover your talent. Or perhaps you enjoy creative writing and journalism? That could transfer to creative content writing for an AI and Machine Learning startup. As a High-Flyer, you learn how to apply your passion in a professional environment without having to wait until your internship period.

Like our High-Flyer Birsu tells us: “I always thought it was so hard for people in my bachelor (i.e. psychology) to gain work experience. After seeing the aim of Minite in an event, I decided to start creating an account. Then, I saw an opportunity related to my field and with the help from Minite it was so easy + smooth to score the task. Additionally, they are helpful with giving advice on future plans if you are uncertain about what you want to do.”

What’s stopping you from turning your potential to progress? Open the student freelancing door and put your cards on the table. In no time, you’ll be playing the game of early-on professional career experience.

No pay, no cure

Student life isn’t cheap, and if this is your first time living independent from your parents, you’ll find that one out quicker than you can say “Minite!” As much as you think you are, you aren’t an empty plate! All that hidden experience and skill wants to see some sunlight. Plus, we believe the money is in the moments of learning: Your work counts and is valuable, and we know that, as a student, getting up on your own two feet and earning a little extra is not as manageable as it looks. If you’re going to shine the brightest of them all and step out of your comfort zone to gain career experience even in your first year of university, you should be compensated accordingly. That’s why all posted company tasks pay between 17 to 35 euro per hour. That way, you can work, study, and earn a little extra, all at the same time… and finance those weekend trips to the bar!

Build a flexible schedule

The main problem with working while studying is always time. Tick-tick, but not with student freelancing! You get to choose when you work and where you work, which allows you to optimize your efficiency.

“As a first-year university student, I was searching for a way to gain experience, be proactive, and work while also having time for my studies and my social life. Obviously, this was a lot to ask, yet somehow, Minite managed to provide just that opportunity. I have been able to search for and apply for tasks without any pressure while still balancing my friends with my academic life,” says Joaquin, one of our High-Flyers.”

Apply what you’ll learn  

When you’re diving into a new way of learning, there is no better way to go than to swim towards the waters of real-world experience. That’s where you can see the impact of when the theoretical becomes practical, and it’s where you can start applying yourself in a professional sense to gage whether or not any given subject/ task interests you-- it gives you a better direction for your next 3-4 years of university, and beyond that, your future career.

Us Minite-magicians value your time and ambition. Whether it be knowledge from your marketing course about CRM strategies, balance sheets on excel from your finance course, or the endless canvas you’ve created for group presentations, these learning nuggets from your first year are all gold waiting to be developed further in a non-academic context, where you can turn them into measurable skills.

“I think our educational system lacks opportunities for the practical application of our studies. But through Minite, I got the opportunity to work for a startup and do grant research, all while embracing the freedom to try new things along the way,” Gideon, one of our High-Flyers, underscores. That’s right… Here at Minite, we’re all about freedom, and we believe there’s more where that came from. Unlock your potential, step out of your comfort zone, and test your ambitions!

Sign up to become a High-Flyer today and get off to a flying start!

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