February 24, 2021

Top 4 Tools For Your Remote Work Time Management

Top 4 Tools For Your Remote Work Time Management

As a wise man once said: “Time is the only thing we can’t buy more of…” So here are four great tools to help you communicate and work more effectively with your team remotely!

1. Digital White Board

Physical white boards at the office are usually filled to the brim with creative and innovative ideas produced during a brainstorm session. A team would gather in the office and engage in a dynamic discussion, using different colors, fonts and icons to cover every inch of the board. But did you know that these whiteboards exist in the digital world as well? You’d be surprised to discover how easy and effective it is to  brainstorm online. You can use platforms such as Miro, and work simultaneously with colorful post-it notes, graphs, lines and images. It definitely works great for awful hand drawers like me!

2. Shared Documents

“Final”. “Final 1”. “Final 2”. “Final Final”. Admit it, at least once in your life, you’ve saved a document with these titles over and over again. Well, say goodbye to “final” titles with Online Shared Documents! Creating all your company material in a shared folder and collaborating on this “single source of truth” ensures everyone works in the same version. Try Google Drive or Dropbox for example.

3. Online Communication

Remote working requires clear and constant communication between team members. Emails can often be time consuming and feel  too formal for that one quick question you want to ask the marketing manager. At the same time, WhatsApp is on the opposite end of the formality spectrum. Our  team loves using online collaboration platforms, such as Slack and Google Hangouts. And if you’re the joker of the group, it’s a great way to share your memes and jokes to lighten the mood!

4. Shared To-do List

Keeping track of what each person on your team is working on is a time consuming task. Having everyone’s to-do list all in one place sounds pretty good...! With platforms such as Trello and Asana it’s easy to  keep track of everyone’s current and future projects. It is also a great way for everyone to stay in the loop on what everyone else is working on, adding to the team spirit of being in it together.

How about you? What tools do you use to facilitate online collaboration?

A wise man once said: “Time is the only thing we can’t buy more of…"
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