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March 28, 2022

The Fur-ever Partnership: SØDE Design x Minite's 2 High-Flyers

The Fur-ever Partnership: SØDE Design x Minite's 2 High-Flyers

Carole Picou-Katmann, a fellow cat lover (and vice versa: Minite's Chief Happiness Officer Tofu is a huge fan of Carole), always had trouble finding cat furniture that she liked. She decided to do something about it and launched SØDE Design. Offering sustainable and Scandinavian-style cat furniture, that also can be used by the cat parents like a seating furniture scratchboard. As Carole says: "For too long, Cat Furniture and Accessories have been overlooked, and underloved with a “this-will-do” kind of attitude and leaving customers to pick the least-offensive looking options in the market. That just doesn't seem right! We say, search no more, that’s the equation SØDE Design will solve for you which is born from the desire to create a beautifully designed (fe)line of furniture."

“Even though my marketing High-Flyer is still a student, she is the best person I ever worked with for social media.”

Carole glows as she gushes about her High-Flyer, who works with her as social media community manager. “Minite made the entire process so smooth. We got a lot of traction with our job post for a social media community manager and Minite made sure I got someone I could trust, which was really important for me. My High Flyer picks up everything so fast and is a great collaborator. Even though she's still a student, she's the best person I ever worked with, for social media. The content she creates is great, she really is a team player and very proactive. I can fully trust her in doing her tasks to my satisfaction. It’s giving me peace of mind. So much so that I’m now looking for another High-Flyer to help me with my SEO (at the time of posting, Carole has now been matched with her second High-Flyer who is a killer at SEO!) It is going so great I will definitely be working with my High Flyers for a long time.”

SØDE Design’s mission is to be the antidote to the ugly cat tree. Carole felt so strongly about this that she started her company next to her day job, which made it challenging to put in the time that her new company required. “For me alone it was really time-consuming. I felt I didn’t have the time or knowledge needed.”

“I can fully trust that my High-Flyer does what I need her to do. It gives me so much peace of mind that I looked for (and found!) a second High-Flyer to help me with SEO.”

Carole’s friend Nilofer, founder of swap-studio and longtime Minite client, strongly recommended Minite to her as they had a very successful experience with not one, but two High-Flyers. “You should definitely reach out to the team. I’m sure they can find someone for you,” Nilofer said to Carole. Their High-Flyer Ross helped the company grow by helping them spread the word about their mission and gaining more subscribers via creative, innovative ideas. Exactly the fresh perspectives that Gen Z brings with them! Swap-studio also hired a second High-Flyer who is a true data wizard and storyteller. Want to know more about Swap-studio’s cycle of success with Minite? Read their customer story here.

Why a High-Flyer made more sense than an intern

Carole was thrilled when she first heard about Minite. “I thought this is exactly what I’m looking for. An intern seemed too much work, especially with all the time you put in and then they leave after five months. Hiring a student freelancer was easier and a more logical resource to invest in. Minite taps into a pool of ambitious, young talent that is eager to gain work experience and add value. I find it very important that Minite has such a wide variety of talented students with a variety of skills.”

“I would absolutely recommend Minite to other entrepreneurial friends of mine. As an entrepreneur you have so much stress, you need to surround yourself with people that have your back and Minite is one of them. It’s a no-brainer.”

Carole and her two High-Flyers visited us at the Minite office on the Erasmus University campus, where they spent the day working together. Companies and High-Flyers working with Minite are always welcome to join us in person and work together here!

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