October 30, 2023

High-Flyer Spotlight: Storm’s Journey as a Student Freelancer

High-Flyer Spotlight: Storm’s Journey as a Student Freelancer

Welcome to the new edition of our "High-Flyer Spotlight" blog series! In the first episode, we introduce you to Storm, a recent graduate of the Business Administration program at RSM. Storm has just completed his undergraduate degree this summer and is now preparing to kickstart his master's degree in Finance and investments next year.

Let’s dive into Storm's experiences as a High-Flyer, exploring his journey and learning some insights.

1.  Hi Storm! Can you tell us more about how you found out about Minite?

I learned about Minite through social media. I came across a post on their Instagram and was intrigued by the concept of freelancing because I had never considered it as an option. I then delved further into their website and decided to apply.

2. What jobs have you done with Minite so far? Can you tell us more about what you

do in those jobs?

My first job at Minite was at Facilitee, a rising software scale-up in Amsterdam. Facilitee provides service desk software for property owners. I joined Facilitee as a Customer Success Manager. I was involved in onboarding, training, and supporting customers. The work was very diverse and enjoyable to do. My second job was with TechMeUp, a company that provides interest-free loans to people retraining in IT. For this company, I am doing market research to see if this concept can fit other industries as well.

3. What do you like most about your job(s) at Minite?

Both my time at Facilitee and my time at TechMeUp I would describe as a great experience. I gained an awful lot of experience while working that I could not have matched with other jobs. I developed many different skills and was able to learn a lot from my colleagues. The work also allowed me to build a great resume, which helped me to land the internship I wanted. But above all, I had a perfect time at both jobs.

4. What do you love most about being a High-Flyer?

What I love about being a High-Flyer is that I can work whenever I want, wherever I want. The flexibility gives me a lot of freedom to plan my own time and still retain enough time to study and enjoy my free time. The pay is high in comparison to other student jobs, and the fact that you can work at a start-up is something that I enjoyed a lot.

5. Why would you recommend to your friend to start working at Minite?

I would recommend the Minite platform to every student for several reasons. The flexibility of a freelance job allows you to manage your own time, which is needed for someone with a student schedule. The other reason would certainly be the pay. You can earn a lot of money in comparison to other student jobs. And finally, I would recommend signing up for Minite’s platform because you can build a strong resume that will help you build your career.

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