July 24, 2023

PART1: Resumes are dead: change the menu and fill your plate with potential

PART1: Resumes are dead: change the menu and fill your plate with potential

Startups, we have one question for you: what do you value more, experience or innovation? 

Welcome to the grand feast of the career world - a challenging environment where competition thrives and creative change is a must.

What’s on your plate? You’re a startup, so a hell, of a lot of potential, and a lot of extra sauce for ambition and drive. 

Who’s joining you for this dinner? Big corporates, with an established reputation and plenty of resources-- they’ve got the three-course meal.

At this point, we can all agree that innovation growth is paramount for a startup's initial success. So, while sitting at the table with your larger competitors, keep this in mind. They might have a large team of highly experienced and specialized workers, but you hold the power to invite yourself to the guest list and secure a seat at this dinner.

Startups, we have one question for you: what do you value more, experience or innovation?

How can you compete? You need to step into the kitchen and revamp the menu. According to Anna Mallon, an innovation facilitator, and entrepreneurial coach, the career world is changing. It's no longer just about having ten years of industry experience; it's more about the attitude and fresh ideas you bring to the table.

It's time to make room for the most innovative minds of all—young adults and university students on the brink of their future, brimming with ideas about the reality they'll bring to the workforce. Nilofer Christensen, the founder, and CEO of swap-studio, a clothes-swapping startup currently experiencing rapid growth and creative ideation with their High-Flyer Ross, a student at Rotterdam School of Management, emphasizes that students possess unencumbered minds and are the masters of innovation flow (read more about swap-studio and Ross’ story here). 

At Minite, we recognize that true innovation cannot be achieved by adhering to past common practices, although they may offer reassurance. The career landscape is currently changing and evolving, so why stick to past expectations when it comes to finding the perfect addition to your team? "Students are eager to innovate and learn. I approach these things without any preconceived expectations, and I believe companies shouldn't fear embracing student freelancers in this manner... Expectations can be problematic as they may create boundaries that restrict the ambitious mind," says Doron, a Minite client, about the status quo in scouting the right talent for businesses. Talent should be untethered, and valuing growth potential over perfected work is an all-around better approach to building a tireless and exceptional team.

Talent should have no tether, and valuing growth from potential before valuing perfectioned work is an all-around better approach to building a team that won’t tire out.

It turns out that striving for resume and career-profile perfection may not be as fruitful as it appears. In a BBC article published in 2018, Amanda Ruggeri writes, "[Professional] perfectionism is built on an excruciating irony: making and admitting mistakes is a necessary part of growing, learning, and being human. By avoiding mistakes at any cost, a perfectionist can make it harder to reach their own lofty goals."

This realization is why we firmly believe that grades are only half the battle for a successful university experience for students. The other half comes from exploring new interests and having the courage to try things they are passionate about. This approach ensures that the perfectionism many Gen Zers were raised on doesn't infiltrate their future career path and leads to an unsatisfying professional experience.

At Minite, we’ve built our entire mission on bridging this rather pronounced gap between education and profession through the sustainable solution for early career exposure: student freelancing.

Grades are only half the battle to a successful university experience for students: the other half comes from trying new things you’re interested in and having the courage to see if you’re good at them.

Learning should be a continuous process regardless, and it becomes even more crucial for a startup that seeks growth, as having a growth mindset is essential for thriving rather than merely surviving. "We are all learning together, myself and my team," emphasizes Doron.

It's time for us to embrace the potential that lies ahead and open our minds to the power of growth. True progress goes beyond mere experience and perfection; it lies within the grand feast of learning.

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