November 21, 2022

November's High-Flyer of the Month: meet Wienona

November's High-Flyer of the Month: meet Wienona

This month’s High-Flyer is yet another stellar talent and we’re beyond excited to introduce you to her. Meet Wienona, originally Indonesian and now living in Breda having studied International Leisure Management. Wienona is an experienced High-Flyer with not one, not two, but three (!) freelance jobs under her belt. She's amazing, and we're excited to introduce her to you.

Hi! You have an impressive track record of Minite freelance jobs! What jobs have you done so far?

I started out as a community manager for a company that bridges the digital gender gap in tech. The company is on a mission to attract and retain more women in digital technology through education, events, role model stories as well as a career and mentoring platform. In my role as community manager, I hosted events and grew the community. I connected members, but also did email marketing and created newsletters. What I loved most about this job is that I was part of a duo, with another High-Flyer. She became a close friend. We share the same work ethic and supported each other throughout our work. We talked about how easy it is for students, including international students, to get a job at Minite. Everything is taken care of by Minite. It really feels like we are being included.

“Minite makes our lives easier. I wish I knew Minite sooner.”

Amazing! You currently have two other freelance jobs with Minite as well. Let’s start with Hustle & Heart. What do you do there?

Hustle & Heart Consultancy is one of my favorite clients! We really bond and Shenin is such a role model to me. She has that hustler mentality and I love it! Shenin is so inspiring: I just want to be like her. At Hustle & Heart, I’m also a community manager. I focus on engaging with the community, create content and do event management. We host events 5-7 times a year, so I look for photographers, or companies to make flyers etc. I do event production from A to Z. I don’t see it as a job at all. When I see an event come to life, that makes me happy. I like working with the team because everyone is a freelancer with an entrepreneur mindset, and I can also learn from other freelancers.

You’re also working with Fuel and Move. What’s that like?

I see Parul (founder, Fuel and Move) as a big sister. She’s so supportive, next to the work I do for her, we also have a genuine bond. Here, I do social media marketing and help out with online campaigns for example.

What do you love most about being a High-Flyer?

The freedom of being able to work anytime, anywhere. I have so much freedom, I love it. The reason why I love Minite is that Minite is so supportive of the High-Flyers. Someone from Minite would be cheering me on like, “You will do well in this job!” Minite also takes care of all the invoices which are quite complex, so not having that administrative hassle is great. I cannot imagine having to do that admin myself. As for the website: I love it when there are new jobs, it’s such an easy process to apply for a freelance job. Everything is just easy. You make our life easier, and I wish I knew Minite sooner.

Any advice for fellow High-Flyers?

Start as early as you can. I say it to everyone who wants a freelance job: you should do it now. I always tell people: “Just check out Minite.” It's so clear and all the information is right there. It’s just convenient, most of all.

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