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July 25, 2022

Minite and MyLife Technologies Collaborate To Take Healthcare To A New Level

Minite and MyLife Technologies Collaborate To Take Healthcare To A New Level

Biotech company MyLife Technologies in Leiden makes ceramic skin patches that enable vaccinations without needles! CEO Mike came to Minite looking for one student to research ways into how they could introduce their product dealing with HPV, a virus family that can cause various forms of cancer. What he did not anticipate was the sheer talent of Minite High-Flyers, and soon walked away with a team of three instead!

The search for certified talent

Mike had a knack for Asia (having worked and lived in China, Indonesia and India) and thus wanted to look at low to mid-income countries. Of those, Africa was the blind spot, yet with a large variety of viruses causing very serious diseases like HPV flocking there. Due to the silent pandemic spreading of HPV, Mike had asked us if our sents could do an initial research on  market access in LMICs, as well as that we could consider access from cultural awareness, perception, and a healthcare policy point of view.

“This is such a great channel to find long-term talent."

For this, Mike needed 1) business acumen and 2) someone with a certain degree of cultural awareness and 3) who understood biology. After posting the project on Minite, he found out that there was immense traffic from highly qualified students. Impressed with the quality of the High-Flyers, Mike thought it would be much better to bring these people together and form a team, “rather than trying to find a sheep with five legs. They don't exist and if they do they usually have trouble walking!”

One High-Flyer coming from her MBA studies with a very broad view of what's going on in the world, another doing a double degree in Neurobiology and who has also started his own company, and a third, a very intelligent girl, who is studying healthcare policies, MyLife Technologies has a stacked roster. “I brought a team of people who are very complementary and challenged and questioned each other's statements and findings and brought a synthetic way forward for the company.”

The end result? A whopping seventy-page report! “They were well informed. They were anticipating what I was looking for and were self-steering in that sense.” Mike soon found himself on an unanticipated, yet highly relevant track, in the short three-month span working with his trio of High-Flyers.

Working with Minite and future plans

Emerging from a vast jungle of freelancing sites, Mike didn’t know where to first look or what to look for. But Minite’s attractive website entry and streamlined selection process drew him in, as well as offering a pre-selection of able students. Minite allows for companies to keep track of all the candidates who are applying in real time and follow along with that process. “Through your vetting process, both your and students' reputations are at stake. That gives me trust and confidence that you come forward with people who can make a difference. That they are truly High-Flyers.”

With Minite, you know what you get and MyLife Technologies is so content with his High-Flyer team, that if the grants come through, and his High-Flyers are looking for a job, he would absolutely offer it to them. “That's so much more valuable than just anyone applying for a job. We now have an intelligent, emotional, purpose-driven connection.”

Where Minite distinguishes itself from regular student staffing agencies is in enabling people with real talent and ambition - those students with the capabilities - to do the things they want to do. We don’t provide blue-collar work, but we do allow our High-Flyers to have an impact and drive while performing their work. “Minite is creating a bridge to talent.”

The next step for MyLife Technologies is a follow-up project that includes a business plan on how to roll out their prototypes in Africa; which countries to go to and how to attain funding for their campaign against HPV. The team will also be writing grant applications with the Dutch economic department. “They’ve done all the legwork, even if we need to go to a grant company. So is the money spent on my High-Flyers well spent? Yes, absolutely.” Mike has already shaved hours off his schedule, due to the team working on writing the application.

So, have you go your own freelance job in mind? Hesitant to take that first stop? Sign up now and let Minite guide the way with our bright yellow light or schedule a free demo to see just how easy it is to post your own job!

Sven lives by the motto: “don’t be afraid to fail.” And he certainly embodies it, having undergone a big career switch himself, from architect to startup founder! As the Tapsody app grows, bringing on new challenges and opportunities, BAND-ADE will be looking to Minite for their next High-Flyer or two! And if you also want to have your own High-Flyer aboard your team, sign up and post a job today or schedule a free 15 min demo and we’ll show you how easy it is to find your next High-Flyer!

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