January 13, 2022

Last Minite-calls: a cup of career coffee for our lost third-years and graduate students

Last Minite-calls: a cup of career coffee for our lost third-years and graduate students

Today, the gods of student freelancing have sat down with Amelia Earhart to talk Minite. What is all this madness? you may be thinking.

Well, it’s the start of a new year, and we think it’s time for you to be smart with your career opportunities-- we’re going to be using Amelia as our hypothetical persona to get you on board. Yes, we know Amelia Earhart is not currently a university student, but she’s pretty cool like the rest of you, so let’s just pretend she is. After all, as the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic, Amelia nicely represents Minite’s ambitious High-Flyers, always getting ahead of the curve.

Young Amelia happens to live in the Netherlands, where she’s currently in her third year of her Bachelor’s degree. Amelia has chosen a conventional business path, studying Business Administration. She always thought this would be a great base for whatever it is that she will do later in life. But the trouble with the university is that, after three or four years of business and economics courses, Amelia will go into career-world still completely clueless about how she can apply what she learned and what type of work she actually enjoys.

Point in case: how do you know that you will be the first woman to fly a plane across the Atlantic if you’ve never sat in a plane?

“DoI want to work full-time? And where, in what? Marketing, sales, finance, or operations? Which environment would fit me better-- corporate or startup? What about taking a gap year? And if I go straight into my master, what will I choose? I don’t even know what type of work gets my heart racing.” It is a tricky decision-- so tricky that most students don’t get it right the first time. Studies have shown that over half of recent graduates with a Bachelor’s degree or higher left their jobs within a year.

Studies have shown that over 50% of recent graduates with a Bachelor’s degree or higher left their jobs within a year.

Fear not, Amelia, and her kindred spirits: no longer shall you look through the window at your professional future, it’s time to sit in the cockpit and steer towards unlocking your potential! May we introduce you to the easiest, most rewarding way to answer all of Amelia’s previous worries? Student Freelancing, present yourself, and pour us a cup of career experience while you’re at it.

Yes, hello Amelia, I am a student freelancing-- your career tool to test your talents and skills in complete flexibility, applying what you learn in real-time and discovering what it is you’re good at in a practical context. Take a sip of our coffee!“Hello, student freelancing! That is all wonderful, but I really am rather busy… as a third-year student, I am finishing up all my courses this year and considering applying for a Masters's degree next year.”

That’s exactly what we’re here for! We help you make better career decisions. Student freelancing is best friends with flexibility. As a High-Flyer, you can decide your own hours, optimize your work flow and manage your academic schedule all at once. “What a wild invention, flexibility, and freelancing! But how exactly will this help me decide what I want to do later in life?”

Let’s say Amelia (besides having hidden, untapped pilot potential) is outstanding at social media content creation and SEO: two areas that all startups need help with. This is where students like Amelia come into the entrepreneurial equation!

Student freelancing is best friends with flexibility. As a High-Flyer, you can decide your own hours, optimize your work flow and managing your academic schedule all at once.

“Are you telling me I can exercise my passion for Canva, google search console, and apply knowledge from this year’s marketing course all in one place?” Yes, Amelia, and you get paid to do so! We believe there’s a fair price on potential turned progress, especially for students going above and beyond like yourself. At Minite, every High-Flyer earns 20-35 EUR per hour of work.

“But how can I be sure that I’ll  gain something from my time as a High-Flyer?”

Well, Amelia, it’s good you ask! In the Minite skies, we emphasize experience: what’s most important for us is to help you cultivate your professional growth and learn to personally evaluate your task, so that your experiences will help you make better career choices. Perhaps, Amelia, you’ll try an SEO task and you’ll realize you don’t like it so much, but what better way to rule out a future career path than to experiment with it while you still have the liberty to do so? Maybe you’ll discover that you have a hidden talent for numbers and love working in the manufacturing industry - something you would never have known before! All of these experiences ultimately help you make better-informed career decisions.

During our verification call, we’ll take note of your interest in health startups or finance, but we’ll also make sure we understand your personal goals in becoming a High-Flyer. This, ultimately, is what helps us find a better task match for you: we know the value of the initial connection between High-Flyer and client: a good vibe makes for good work.

So yes, indeed, Amelia, we’ll take care to be there every step of the way and pair you with a client who will appreciate your Canva skills as much as they will challenge you to grow and improve your career competencies. Just as student freelancing makes friends with flexibility, it also makes friends with valuable industry opportunities giving you professional exposure like none other: hands-on, with a direct impact, unlike internships. After your first task as a High-Flyer, you’re already headed in the right direction when it comes to your post-study plans.

Now we’ve got Amelia Earhart smiling. Her only remaining question: “when can I start?”

Whether you’re also starting your final year of university or you’re still earlier along on your university journey, it’s time to pour your coffee and sit down with student freelancing, as Amelia did! There’s no way you can fly higher in the professional world while completing your studies… unless you’re actually a pilot.

Greetings from the sky,


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