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January 17, 2022

IKIGAI LABELS’ SEO success story: from website optimization to independence and initiative

IKIGAI LABELS’ SEO success story: from website optimization to independence and initiative

When it comes to innovation backed by justice and sustainability, Helene Oudman’s IKIGAI LABELS is the place to look. She’s put her focus on slow fashion that speaks for itself: unique pieces with unique stories, working to open the eyes of the world to economically and environmentally sustainable fashion alternatives. But it’s hard to do it all by yourself, especially as a mother of two. How does Helene do it, then? Well, she hired a High-Flyer. And not just any High-Flyer-- Andreea, an MSc Marketing Management student at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University is an individual fueled by her curiosity and passion for the fashion industry.

"Minite has a feeling for matching companies with the person they really need-- I can see it reflected in the quality of my High-Flyer."

Trusting her High-Flyer's expertise and judgment

“It makes me extra motivated for this task.” Andreea is working on IKIGAI’s website SEO, providing Helene with insights about the brand’s search performance and user experience via both desktop and mobile. Andreea’s love for fashion has made her involvement at IKIGAI more of a world than just a task-- she’s been able to add her creative colors to other elements of the company, too.

“It’s fun because initially, we started this collaboration on SEO, but from there on, I’ve had opportunities to help out on other types of marketing-related tasks,” says Andreea. “It’s fun, because you’re still working towards the same goal; and, simultaneously, you’re learning something new.”

“We got really lucky, I think, because things just work between us.”

Helene nods. “Our communication is great. Andreea always takes initiative and sends me a list of what she has done every week. When we meet, she shows me things from an SEO perspective and makes valuable suggestions that I wouldn’t be able to come up with myself, because we have no in-house SEO knowledge.”

In fact, Andreea’s presence has done far more than just help envelope the broader efficiency and performance of IKIGAI LABELS’ marketing. “Andreea’s help is so different from that of an intern-- it feels much more like we are on the same level; that I can trust her expertise and judgment. She comes up with her view, we can discuss and collaborate really efficiently. This saves time and makes it easier for me-- it gives me the opportunity to focus on myself.”

Andreea also previously worked as a digital marketeer here at Minite, which is why we’re especially proud to see her shine as a student freelancer. We find there is no more valuable way to give back to our team members than by providing them with the right attitude and abilities to accompany their ambition for opportunities like this one. Sooner or later, you’re going to put your magic to work again-- and how much easier is that if you already have proactivity, initiative, and communication instilled in you as skills to start off with, no matter where you go? This is our Minite-formula that we equip all of our students with-- whether you are working with us as a team member or through us as a High-Flyer.

IKIGAI goes for the personal approach of Minite

“Minite is such a refreshing platform when you see it,” Helene remarks. “Young, driven by women, with a personal touch I haven’t found anywhere else. Minite has a feeling for matching companies with the person they really need-- I can see it reflected in the quality of Andreea.”

Beyond SEO expertise and marketing-related work, what was the biggest added value provided by Andreea, IKIGAI’s High-Flyer hero? “Andreea has provided us with real structure, which, maybe I shouldn’t be saying, because shouldn’t it be the other way around?” Helene laughs. “She works fast and immediately understands the work that needs to be done as well as IKIGAI’s branding. She’s a flexible problem solver who can figure things out on her own.” Additionally, from Andreea’s expertise in SEO, IKIGAI is creating a plan for website optimization in the months to come.

But it’s not just one side that is content: “Working with Helene and IKIGAI is really nice. When it comes to SEO, I can explain freely why I decided to approach something in a certain way, and I can express my disagreements in marketing campaigns or website details from an SEO point of view. That kind of relationship is so healthy and makes everything about our collaboration easier,” Andreea gleams.

“And, because of Minite, I get to work 90% independently as a High-Flyer, which is something I need as a student: it’s just the flexible job opportunity I was looking for.”

As IKIGAI labels continues to work with Andreea in High-Flyer harmony, Andreea and Helene are both looking forward to the results, as SEO is a long-run game. But with a High-Flyer by their side, IKIGAI is sure to glow as they grow.

Are you also looking for SEO support? Check out Andreea’s SEO mini-series on our blog page and post your freelancing job toda to get High-Flyer help onboard tomorrow when it comes to website optimization.

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