November 27, 2023

High-Flyer Spotlight: Meet Kenneth unlocking opportunities and building experience

 High-Flyer Spotlight: Meet Kenneth unlocking opportunities and building experience

In this edition, we're shining a light on Kenneth, eager to share his journey as a High-Flyer. Kenneth, based near Rotterdam in Schiedam, is pursuing his MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam School of Management, EUR. His story reflects the incredible experiences and opportunities that come with being a part of the Minite community.

How did you find out about Minite?

I came across Minite during my 2nd year of my Bachelor when I saw Minite on Instagram. It immediately caught my attention when I saw that a student could join amazing start-ups and scale-ups to build up new experiences.

What jobs have you done with Minite so far? Can you tell us more about what you do in those jobs?

 I am currently doing my first job as a Business Manager Dutch Market for LOYALBEE since March 2023. My responsibilities are mostly focused on acquiring new clients for the business. So it’s a B2B environment where I sit down with other small businesses to collaborate with us to use our services of digital stampcards for their customers. So as a Business Manager, I am responsible for all of the sales of the company.

What do you like most about your job(s) at Minite?

It’s a dynamic environment and job where I have the freedom to set up my strategy to try to acquire new clients for the company. You never know with whom you are speaking and you get to know them on another level when I set up a meeting with interested clients. So most of the time, I can travel to their offices/locations and really speak to other entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their business. 

What do you love most about being a High-Flyer?

What I love about being a High-Flyer is the flexibility within the job and the convenient hour/pay-out system. It helps me to focus more on my studies, but also to gain valuable experience at the same time to really expand my knowledge and eventually set myself up for the right career path.

5. Why would you recommend to your friend to start working at Minite?

I would recommend Minite to people in my network due to the opportunities that Minite provides. There are a lot of great companies you can apply for that provide a great entry-level opportunity to gain experience in a specific job or industry.

If you've been inspired by Kenneth's story and want to be a part of the exciting opportunities at Minite, then sign up today and start flying high!

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