January 5, 2024

High-Flyer Spotlight: Lisa’s Path as a Minite High-Flyer

 High-Flyer Spotlight: Lisa’s Path as a Minite High-Flyer

To get things started, let us introduce you to Lisa. She is passionate about cultural economics and entrepreneurship, and hails from the beautiful country of Austria. Lisa's journey with Minite began during her university's introduction week, and since then, it has taken flight into a thriving freelance career. Read more about Lisa's journey, uncover her roles and responsibilities, and learn why she's eager to recommend Minite to her friends.

Hi! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey, my name is Lisa and I am 24 years old. I am Austrian and studied cultural economics and entrepreneurship for my master's degree. As for my hobbies, I enjoy dancing, especially ballet, reading, writing, and running.

How did you learn about Minite?

I remember it was during Erasmus University’s introduction week, which enabled students to meet all kinds of different student associations and learn about opportunities on campus.

I've always been drawn to the idea of freelancing, as it represents the freedom to manage my own time and work independently. So, when I discovered Minite, it was quite a revelation because I never thought I could do it while still being a student. I loved the concept and immediately signed up. I also interviewed Micky, Minite’s CEO, during my Master's program. It was about organizational culture, diversity, and inclusion in organizations. I'm still very grateful for that opportunity, and it created a connection with Minite.

What jobs have you done with Minite? Can you tell me more about your tasks and responsibilities?

It's my third month working with a female entrepreneur named Lisa Cairo, who owns a digital creative agency called BraniQue. I assist her with various projects each week, primarily focusing on social media management. Working in this agency-style environment has been a valuable learning experience, as handling multiple clients with diverse needs and strategies has been truly eye-opening. Each client comes from a different industry, and Lisa's approach covers everything from content creation to strategy development. I've also started taking on tasks like audits and reporting, which are broadening my knowledge of social media management and business operations. Observing how Lisa manages her business, including time management and client communication, is inspiring. Additionally, the trust that Lisa puts in me by giving me lots of responsibilities and letting me work freely is very rewarding, motivating me to work even harder.

What do you like most about your job?

It's the freedom to manage my time. I'm a morning person, so I can work for a couple of hours after waking up, and then I go for a run at 10. The flexibility is great, because I can adjust my schedule to suit my energy levels. Sometimes, in the afternoon, I prefer to focus on personal matters and then continue working later. That's a big reason I enjoy my job. Plus, the work itself is fantastic.

Sometimes, I have to pinch myself because I love having the opportunity to create visual content and work on beautiful, aesthetic projects as part of my freelance job.

What do you enjoy most about being a High-Flyer with us?

My favorite aspect is that Minite is very approachable. Minite has been there to guide me through the whole freelancing process, even with the things I usually find a bit overwhelming, like dealing with VAT numbers. I am still responsible myself, but Minite is in the background, ready to help or connect me with the right people. They've been a vital support system for me, and that's just lovely. Lastly, the Minite team is just fantastic. Micky even came to one of our lectures! 

Why would you recommend Minite to your friends?

I'd recommend it for the same reason I enjoy it so much - the freedom it offers. As a student, you're not usually thinking about registering for your own freelancing company. However, Minite is that perfect middle ground between having a well-paid job, and the flexibility to choose from various openings. So, I'd definitely recommend it!

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