January 5, 2024

High-Flyer Spotlight: Isabella on navigating 2 studies and freelancing with Minite

High-Flyer Spotlight: Isabella on navigating 2 studies and freelancing with Minite

In our High-Flyer Spotlight series, we're shining the spotlight on Isabella, a second-year student at Hogeschool Rotterdam who's diving into not one but two academic programs, all while successfully freelancing through Minite. Get ready to be inspired by Isabella's journey and her valuable insights on making it all work seamlessly. Let's dive in!

Can you tell us more about how you learned about Minite?

It's quite funny. I came across Minite while still in high school through a sponsored Instagram post, but couldn't get a job with them at the time since it was primarily for university students. However, when I started my studies at Hogeschool Rotterdam, I revisited Minite, found a suitable job, and realized it was exactly what I needed.

What jobs have you done with Minite? Can you tell me more about your tasks and responsibilities?

I found my current job through Minite, specifically with Betonhuis Cement. I've always had a strong interest in social media and the dynamics of the digital world. Hence, I was actively looking on Minite for a role related to social media and found the perfect job. Currently, I am Betonhuis Cement’s Social Media Manager, managing their Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. I've been in this role since February and it's been a great experience.

Good to hear! What do you like most about your job?

I think flexibility is what I appreciate most. As I mentioned earlier, I have a busy schedule, and I enjoy being able to manage my time the way I want. If I have a spare half-hour in between tasks, I can pick up my work from anywhere. It's incredibly convenient.

Additionally, I value the independence of this job. I like being my own boss and focusing on my projects, while not having someone dictating my every move. Moreover, earning over 20 euros an hour as a student is definitely a plus. Even with just 8 hours of work a week, I get  to ensure my own financial stability.

What do you enjoy most about being a High-Flyer?

What I appreciate most about being a High-Flyer is the ability to get back to doing my own thing. I truly love the fact that Minite is there to support me, as freelancing can be quite challenging in general. It's great that Minite assists me in handling administrative tasks, like making invoices. This makes it much easier to be a freelancer and allows me to fully focus on my work.

About being a High-Flyer I love that I can plan my work at my own pace, and Minite is there to back me up. It's a perfect match.

Why would you recommend Minite to your friends?

Many of my friends are searching for opportunities that offer good pay and flexibility. Being a student and having a full school schedule can make it challenging to fit in traditional work hours. It's tough to manage both studying and work, and I fully understand that struggle. Therefore, I've recommended Minite several times because it provides a sense of freedom and flexibility that you don't always get with regular jobs. You can become a freelancer and set your schedule, and Minite guides you through that transition. In the future, I might become a freelancer on my own, but having Minite as a bridge to the world of freelancing has been truly helpful. I'd suggest giving it a try!

If you've been inspired by Isabella’s story and want to be a part of the exciting opportunities at Minite, then sign up today and start flying high!

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