June 24, 2022

High-Flyer of the Month: Meet Nick

High-Flyer of the Month: Meet Nick

Welcome to the 1st High-Flyer of the monthly installment, where we feature one exceptional High-Flyer and their work. For the month of June, meet Nick: a 2nd year International Business Administration student at Erasmus University, and hails from the German countryside. Traveling is a favorite pastime of his and he enjoys his course, wanting to branch into Big Data masters in the future. To work on this ambition, he has followed extensive courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python.

Originally, he got into business by reading scientific books. “I was intrigued by the complexity of the subject and the search for where money comes from.” Nick has one freelance job under his belt already, with another one on the way. First, working as a spreadsheet expert, in which he had to analyze data from US and European markets, and later on design an infographic to be used on LinkedIn. Later on, the same company approached him for Web Scraping, a process in which he uses code to check whether predefined links contain certain keywords within their website. Nick is soon to be in a new position as well, serving as the middleman between all High-Flyers currently in the company and the company itself, as well as giving and relaying input on their projects.

What Nick most enjoys about the jobs at Minite is the flexibility. “As a student, sometimes you can be super busy, unlike a person working a normal job.” This is due to lectures at various different times, cutting deadlines, and social responsibilities. With the jobs at Minite, there are several hours that need to be completed by the end of the month and a High-Flyer can decide to do them whenever. The choice is theirs! “I can do them whenever; let’s say I wake up at 4  and I am feeling creative enough. That’s what I really love.”

To Nick, being a High-Flyer means that, besides the flexibility, he earns good compensation while getting better at key skills, like data analysis and content creation. “I’ve always struggled with supporting skills which are self-taught.” Nick had learned to code at the age of 18 through books and video tutorials, but he questioned how he could convince companies that he is capable, if he didn’t have an Information Technology degree or work experience. “But as a High-Flyer you just get the experience, which is sometimes better than the degree.”

If you have enjoyed reading through Nick’s journey and want to jump aboard the Minite kite ride, then go ahead and sign-up today to start flying high!

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