July 18, 2022

High-Flyer of the Month, featuring Sagar!

High-Flyer of the Month, featuring Sagar!

Welcome to the 2nd High-Flyer of the monthly installment, where we feature one exceptional High-Flyer and their work. For the month of July, meet Sagar: a 2nd year International Business Administration student of Erasmus University. Sagar has always enjoyed the culture that revolved around business, and as he did not want to go for pure economics, the choice to attend business school for its work opportunities was clear to him.

Sagar has successfully completed one freelance job and is currently undertaking his second. For his first one, he was working with a scaleup to recruit entrepreneurial students for a university challenge. “For that, we promoted the challenge, as it was the first time it happened here.” In this, Sagar had to prompt students to sign up and undertake the challenge and help spread awareness for the activity in the most creative ways. Erasmus Enterprise, a community for entrepreneurs and innovators right on campus that aims to provide knowledge and resources to up-and-coming visionaries, also required someone to set up popup stalls and talk to the students, urging them to partake and promote the challenge further.

Upon successful completion, they were impressed with Sagar’s initiative and ventured to offer him a second undertaking. “Erasmus Enterprise liked me and needed someone to help out with events - working as an events manager.” Now, with different events being hosted in the Q building, Sagar helps to set up, and builds up an inventory system for things they use for the events, such as food, and drinks, and provide a guide manual. Fully immersed in the Erasmus Enterprise ecosystem, he gets to meet and interact with all sorts of startups, scaleups, and entrepreneurs, adding to his network of valuable contacts. For this role, he also builds on his communication and networking skills, by conversing with attendees about the event, keeping them informed and overall in a pleasant mood. And, as a bonus, he gets to be on campus for his work!

Sagar enjoys the invitation to team events, as part of Erasmus Enterprise. “The pay is a lot higher and there, they treat me as part of their team - not like I'm just an intern.” This accentuates his love of being a High-Flyer; enjoying the benefits of being a freelancer, rather than having a fixed job. He particularly enjoys being able to undertake different short tasks and choose when to work on them. “You can get a lot more experience working as a High-Flyer basically.”

Sagar ventures on to encourage students to sign up, “because it's a great opportunity and don't get discouraged if you don’t get any jobs from the beginning.” The road to yellow is not easy, but it is satisfying!

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