February 5, 2021

6 Ways to Invest in Your Future Now

6 Ways to Invest in Your Future Now

In our previous blog post we discussed why students should start investing in their future now. Now it’s time to give you some more tips on how to do so! These are all great first steps that can lead you to an amazing career.

1. Committees

The first investment we propose you is to join committees. Working alongside other members of the association to organize events and make an impact on the community is a great way to develop both your professional and personal skills. Do you for example like sports? Well, then join the sports committee of your university or city and work alongside other passionate individuals in managing the association and planning events for its members. Remember that the best job you can land is one in which you do what you love.

2. Workshops and events

Companies and associations know the struggle of gaining experience and learning about the professional environment during the studies. Start now! Look up interesting workshops that you think can add value to your profile and use the opportunity to broaden your network. Keep in mind that this doesn’t imply any long time commitment and it allows you to pick from various topics and explore different areas of interest you might have. Why not follow a workshop on how to pitch, or on how to improve your CV?

3. Mentoring

Receiving guidance and advice from experienced mentors is a great way to boost your start-up or find your way through your career. Already during your bachelor, start looking for people, for example professors, who you could keep in touch with and receive mentoring from. It’s always good to hear different opinions and even better if these come from experienced and trustworthy people that you have grown to respect and admire and vice versa.

Already as a student you can become a mentor to younger ones, and guide them through the ups and downs of student life and opportunities. Teaching is one of the best ways to learn!

4. Minors

Minors are elective courses that you can take alongside your major, and you can typically choose them from a wide range of programs and faculties. These are a great opportunity to specialize and differentiate yourself from other students, and boost your abilities through the combination of different sources of knowledge. Maybe a minor in cross-cultural psychology? Or criminology? The combinations are infinite as well as the advantages.

5. Exchange

Thousands of students go on exchange every year. One of those could be you! Exchange is so much more than travelling. Confront yourself with a foreign mentality, learn from it, and come back to your home country as a more insightful and experienced adult. Expand your international network and witness new ways of doing business.

We’ll also let you know that 27% of the program participants met their current partner during exchange. Convinced yet? ;)

6. Freelancing

In order to balance study-work life, students need flexible working hours, and a variety of work to test their skills and discover what they enjoy and what they're good at. Full time jobs are hard to combine with studies and difficult to obtain.

But have you ever thought about freelancing? Freelancing is the perfect opportunity to gain experience alongside your studies, as it allows you

to set your own schedule and choose the tasks you want to work on. You add value to the company from day 1 and you get the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to your work. On top of that, you get to work with different companies and get a taste of what type of company culture you might be looking for in your future career. Freelancing with Minite is simple, as we connect you with exciting projects, guide you and take over the entire administrative and invoicing process.

The best opportunities present themselves to the ones who prepare well for it. As they say: luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. By putting yourself out there you will not only learn, grow and gain experience, but you’ll also develop yourself as a person and end up exactly where you want to!

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