May 16, 2022

5 Questions You Should Ask in an Interview

5 Questions You Should Ask in an Interview

Even in applying for a freelance job, there are already ways you can better prepare for and optimize your eventual student freelancer experience. There’s no better way to learn to swim in new waters than by practicing the art of the stroke— in this case, we’re talking about interviews. The interview is a mutual discovery process. Do I know how to flaunt my skills? is therefore not the question you should ask yourself, but rather, do I know how to ask for what I need? Freelancing has a lot of freedom— if you learn how to navigate the waters in advance. Here are five questions you should ask your client in an interview.

It’s important to align yourself with the end goal of your company— it's only going to work if you understand what you’re working for.

1. What is your goal with this project/job?

While you may already have a clear personal goal behind your application for this freelance job, it’s important to align yourself with he end goal of your company— nothing is going to work if you don’t understand what you’re working for. This question gives your client the chance to clearly define their objectives in hiring you so that you hava a greater purpose beyond your personal drive to fly higher. This, ultimately, is what sends the start-up rocket of success into space.

2. What does week one look like?

Before you dive into your freelance job head first, it’s important that you fully understand the objectives and dynamics of the company. As a High-Flyer, you’ll prepare for the first meeting by doing research and having questions ready, but it’s also good to ask the company how they see your first week. Focus on your freelance job and prepare for that the best as you can in advance, by not only understanding your company and its mission, but also by knowing what exactly your action points are from the start. Asking what week one looks like to your client can point you in the right direction in terms of what research you should do, and it gauges the degree to which you’ll be working independently from day one.

3. What is your preferred way of communicating?

To make everyone’s lives easier, establish clear communication with your client from the beginning! Being a High-Flyer is all about taking initiative, and that starts in the interview with this ever-so-important question. Make sure you note your client’s preferred channel of communication so that you can always contact them in the fastest way possible. Or, understand whom to reach out to via what channel. For example, urgent challenges may require a phone call, whereas most other matters can be handled via email. It’s also a great idea to have a weekly catchup call to align on the freelance job.

Although you may have your own predetermined set of criteria for yourself, you’re going to have to learn to adapt it to any and every company you’ll work for in the professional world.

4. Who’s my main contact person? Who’s my team?

Yes, you are working independently most of the time, and you have prepared yourself to succeed autonomously as a High-Flyer, but in case there’s ever a challenge or urgent question, you’re better off knowing exactly who to tell than if you were to conquer the block in the road by yourself. Asking for help is more than okay, although you must ask for the right help, and asking for a specific contact person in your company can be of great help here. It’s also important you know your team, or at least ask which team members are relevant to your department/ work and whether or not you’ll ever be working together with them, so that you can prepare for any future collaboration via proactive connection and communication from the start.

5. When am I successful?

Potentially the most important question of them all is the above, since this is what will make or break your freelance job. We all define success in different ways, and although you may have your own predetermined set of criteria for yourself, you must align expectations with the company. Asking “when am I successful?” allows you to discover what exactly it is that your client would like you to deliver as a High-Flyer and at what point they feel you have fulfilled their expectations— so that you can better prepare how to accomplish that.

Alright, High-Flyer, bags packed? Destination freelance job success in sight? For you to ace your freelance job interview, it’s not only your answers that count, it’s also the questions you ask— and the more curious you are, the more your creative thinking and preparedness will shine out. Companies appreciate interest on your side, too, and there’s no better way to paint yourself a clear picture of what your freelance job time will be like than to ask the right questions. Signup and start High-Flying today

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