February 16, 2022

5 Common Misconceptions About Student Freelancers

5 Common Misconceptions About Student Freelancers

What’s all the fuss about freelancing? Perhaps you would have asked yourself this question a decade ago, but as freelancing has begun to shape the career landscape of working smarter, not harder, it’s taught us to capitalize on talent and skill rather than relying solely on permanent employment in the same location. Is the concept of student freelancing so radical then? Here at Minite, we’d believe it’s au contraire. Should you have doubts, today is the day they’ll vanish. Here are five common misconceptions about student freelancers and why they aren’t true.

“Our team of 4 Minite High-Flyers far exceeded our expectations. I’m so impressed by the quality.”

- Professor Rosendahl Hubert

Myth or Minite: Are student freelancers actually worth it?

1. They’re like interns: myth

Student freelancers are equipped with skill and experience that make them different from interns. They’re here to learn by doing, not by watching. Most of our High-Flyers have gathered past experience from a parttime job, through a committee, volunteering, or an internship. Being the smarties they are, they’ve used these experiences to their advantage and are ready to apply themselves in actionable ways that can get your company growing faster and smarter. That’s why you’ll save yourself a lot of time not having to worry about onboarding them. Ron, co-founder at Cloudmuscle, loves his duo of High-Flyers: one business developer and one marketer. “They need minimal guidance to deliver the desired output.” Speaking of independence, did you still have any doubts on that? Let’s move to our second myth.

2. They won’t be able to work independently: myth

Student freelancers are masters of initiative! They adapt quickly and are used to working independently-- In Minite’s onboarding process, we prepare each of our new High-Flyers with strategies on how to best work solo and implement your own structure. With the discipline to have taken on early career experience during their studies, our High-Flyers are packed with ambition and have the drive to turn that into action. “I love projects where I work a bit more independently because I am very resourceful, and I get the freedom of putting together a unique way of doing things,” says Andreea, who’s been student freelancing both while studying and working: when you’re that ambitious, you’ve got to be able to manage yourself! At swap-studio, another one of our High-Flyers, Ross, is currently managing a brand advocate program for the team: “What I like the most about my position is how independently I can work. I got assigned an overall goal of making swap-studio more known but it is up to me to find the most effective strategies to reach that goal. In that way, I can be creative in finding new initiatives,” she says.

3. They’re only available from 9 to 5: myth

Student freelancers rely on flexible hours in order to work efficiently, which gives them a lot of freedom. What if they don’t get their work done on time? Worry not. Along with drive comes discipline, and while student freelancers surely enjoy their freedom, they know it also means there’s no one there to push them to focus-- they’re got to do that themselves. But because these students are here to learn and grow in the unique opportunity that freelancing provides them with, they operate on grit and won’t tire out. Our High-Flyers plan their weeks out themselves and meet your expectations accordingly.  Andreea has developed and implemented her own approach to freelancing-finesse: “As a freelancer, I like to work with clear weekly deliverables. That way, I hold myself to a schedule, honoring the times I work best.” Again, flexibility is key here and Minite, and it teaches a whole lot of discipline.” That flexibility comes in handy when you want to have things rolling all the time: your High-Flyer can and most likely will even work in the evenings and the weekends… That means that while you’re resting, someone else is working.

Along with drive comes discipline: student freelancers operate on grit, and won’t tire out. While you’re resting, your High-Flyer is growing your company.

4. They’re doing it for the money: myth

Minite’s High-Flyers are cherry-picked from a pool of young talent, and they’re certainly not here for the dough. Freelancing isn’t the go-to job for quick and easy cash, anyways-- it takes a lot of confidence and skill to work independently and grow professionally as a young student. It’s the challenge and the unique opportunity for fresh career experience that our High-Flyers are chasing. With the limited amount of time they have, student freelancers have chosen to use it to get ahead of the crowd. “As a first-year university student, I was searching for a way to gain more experience, be proactive, and deliver value to exciting companies while also having time for my studies and my social life,” says Joaquin, highly involved student, and freelancer at the same time. The riches that come from an early career experience aren’t money-- our High-Flyers are here to collect hands-on industry exposure in their professional wallet.

5. There must be a hidden cost: myth

Unlike most platforms, signing up and posting a freelance job is always free. We even do a free 20 minutes consultation with you. Upon request, we can help you select the best proposals and advise on how to choose the High-Flyer that’s right for you. Once you are successfully matched with your very own High-Flyer(s), we’ll charge a 15% Service Fee on the hourly rate. No processing fee, no matching fee, no hidden costs whatsoever-- that’s it! And for that 15% Service Fee, we also look after the legal agreement, invoicing, and hourly registration so you can truly focus on your core business. All natural ingredients in this freelancing-pie! Why? Here at Minite, we have two money-mottos: 1. what you see is what you get, and 2. no cure, no pay! We’re 100% confident in our ability to successfully match you with top-tier students. Our success depends on your success-- just how it should be!

Now can you see-- student freelancing is actually the simplest, smartest path to success your company can take! Get creative and change the way we define work with a Minite High-Flyer today. Outsource outstanding talent in business development, content creation, SEO, and more.

Post your freelancing job or project today and watch student passion innovate you to new heights! Or, schedule your schedule a free consultation call with us.

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