October 6, 2021

3 Ways a High-Flyer Can Boost Your Start-Up

3 Ways a High-Flyer Can Boost Your Start-Up

This article follows up on a recent blog written about the perks of Generation Z and why start-ups should hire a high-flyer. If you haven’t read that yet, check it out here.

In this two-part High-Flyer blog series, we’re giving you the “how” to the “why”. Already, you’re convinced that student freelancers have immense potential. But how exactly can they help your start-up shine?

Meet Busy-Bee, a B2B software company that we’ll be using to show you how exactly your start-up can grow faster with a High-Flyer at your side.

Young students are constantly exposed to social media, understanding algorithms and knowing how to create captivating content better than anyone else


Visibility is everything for a small but growing start-up like Busy-Bee. They want to gain traction in optimizing the digital landscape of a new brand’s profile, but Busy-Bee doesn’t have the time nor the resources to do that work themselves or delegate a full-time employee to such a task.

How can a Minite High-Flyer help?

High-Flyers are marketing experts! If you read the first part of this blog, you know why Gen Z is perfect for marketing magic: young students are constantly exposed to social media, understanding algorithms and knowing how to create captivating content better than anyone else. Allow us to highlight the following areas:

  • SEO: Busy-Bee launched their website half a year ago. Unfortunately, their site hasn’t gotten much traffic. High-Flyer hero to the rescue! A Minite student freelancer can sweep Busy-Bee off their feet-- their website is now being optimized, with keyword research conducted and original content created to help them rank higher on search results!
  • Social Media Content: There’s a disconnect between Busy-Bee’s website and social media profile. Their CEO isn’t sure if they are reaching the right target market. Allow a High-Flyer to fix that! By designing high-quality content for all of their social media accounts, Busy-Bee can better engage their users via social channels. But not only that-- High-Flyers go the extra mile: they can find creative, clever ways to promote Busy-Bee on instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. The gap is closed, Busy-Bee!
  • Analytics: Busy-Bee started a blog series to expand their brand’s reach on important topics related to their software services… but it’s not going so hot. Why does the blog have such a limited audience? Why is the bounce rate so high? High-Flyer help is on the way! With the speed and savviness Busy-Bee needs, a High-Flyer can analyze the performance of all creative content, sharing insights on how to improve visibility and success. A High-Flyer can evaluate and analyze performance like no other.
  • Creative Writing: Speaking of that blog, Busy-Bee doesn’t have the time to make the necessary improvements based on analytics feedback from their other High-Flyer. Why not spread the Minite-magic again? A High-Flyer with creative writing skills can take Busy-Bee’s blogs to another level, and, when it comes to social media, write the most enticing captions!


Research is an incredibly important but also an incredibly time consuming part of running a business. It is well known that you should always keep your finger on the pulse of the industry and be in the know, but with so many things happening all at once it can get overwhelming.

How can a Minite High-Flyer help?

High-Flyers come from top local research universities and excel in this field. What does that mean for Busy-Bee? B2B software can be a crowded field. Busy-Bee needs to figure out market trends and maybe a competitor analysis. Crawling through LinkedIn and other databases is a time consuming task, and Busy-Bee can’t afford that when they need to implement insights as fast as possible. Enter the High-Flyer who will have that report done in no time.

Equally, as a start-up there comes a time when Busy-Bee is ready to apply for that all important funding and take the next step. But there are so many options and the stakes are high, wouldn’t it be better if all the information on funding options was in one place, ready to discuss? Leave it to the High-Flyer to present all the possibilities.

Another example, Busy-Bee knows that start-ups don’t exist in a vacuum, all businesses must be doing right by people and planet. This can be hard when new research and ideas are coming out every day. Busy-Bee wants to make sure it is doing no harm and maybe even making positive change, for that it must have all the latest information. Many High-Flyers are passionate about sustainability and are looking for a practical application of their knowledge. They will bring the latest reports and solutions, ready to discuss and implement. Busy-Bee will surely learn something new and transformative for their business.


Where would a company be without its sales team? Sales makes sure that not only does the company survive now, but turns a profit in the future. Successful sales teams always need new energy and it can pay off to expand the team with a student freelancer that not only knows all the theory, but is rearing to bring what they have to offer to the real world.

How can a Minite High-Flyer help?

High-Flyers have an eye for interesting business ventures, but they are also ready to start with the tasks your core team may feel are slowing them down. Sales are essential to grow in a fast and sustainable way, don’t miss your chance!

Busy-Bee can see their sales are slowing down and is starting to worry. The sales team is overwhelmed and there is always so much to do. Start from the beginning. How is Busy-Bee’s prospecting? Getting a High-Flyer on business development is great. They are tech savvy and can prospect creatively. Not only can High-Flyers find just about anyone online, but they have new ideas and tools. How about sending personalised sales videos to prospects? It would take Busy-Bee a long time to do it themselves, but High-Flyers can do it faster and build those personal connections with potential clients. Busy-Bee’s sales could never be dry with a solid prospecting strategy.

Now that prospecting is done, how is Busy-Bee going to keep up with all their new clients? It is time consuming to maintain all these relationships but Busy-Bee must ensure long-time collaborations. Here too High-Flyers are a secret weapon, they are pros at communicating authentically from behind a screen. They understand that any platform is only as good as the community on it and can keep Busy-Bee’s clients engaged and happy through anything from personal contact to social events. By getting a High-Flyer on their business development, Busy-Bee gets new energy in their prospecting, maintaining client relationships and developing new opportunities faster.

All jokes aside, you probably feel like a “Busy-Bee” yourself. Make your life easier and send your business to new heights by hiring a High-Flyer! Sign up and post your first task today!

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