December 20, 2021

3 Tricks to Find the Freelancing Job That Suits You Best

3 Tricks to Find the Freelancing Job That Suits You Best

Hello, and welcome to High-Flyer land! Full of freedom and exciting early career opportunities, you may be overwhelmed with the question of what task suits you best. Perhaps you’re eliminating those you aren’t familiar with or don’t take a particular interest in, but... WAIT! Let us stop you there. Join us in developing the Minite-mindset, the best way to approach the complex career-world of today-- focus less on the outcome you perceive and more on the opportunities you’re neglecting. Today on the student freelancing menu: one order of open-mindedness and  a side-guide of how to find the task that fits you best!

1. Hunt with an open mind

When you’re on the hunt for fresh career opportunities, be open-minded! Here you find yourself in the completely new forest of freelancing, which you’ve likely never set foot in, so it’s beneficial for you to expand your options by keeping an open mind about tasks. Early career experience is all about exploration, so let your curiosity guide you and seek out opportunities rather than secure spaces to show off your skills. Let’s say, for instance, that you’re interested in finance. The world of money-mojo is a big place, with lots of different paths to take!

You could do business development for a venture capitalist firm or financial administration for a clothing webshop-- in the end, both will expose you to finance, in their own unique way. Even if you think your main interest is in finance, be open to other avenues as well. You may just be great at research, or have a knack for lead generation. Perhaps you’ll come to love the team behind that tech startup, in a role that wouldn’t normally have caught your interest. If you hunt with an open mind, you’ll be surprised at how amazing those opportunities could turn out.

At Minite, we believe in opportunities and potential. You’ve got to look beyond the traditional CV-listed capabilities and realize that you know more than you think.

2. Seek success and ye shall find: there is more value in progress than perfection

Although freelancing may be one of your first steps into the career world, it’s important to not limit yourself through fear of the unknown. After all, working in a fast-paced startup environment where you are given lots of independence is a new way of working for everyone, and there’s no perfect formula to it. Your main goal should always be to look for a task opportunity in which you think you’ll be given the chance to immensely progress, both personally and collectively as an asset for your company. Perfection is not the end destination when you’re new to something, and if you’re only applying for task opportunities that make you feel secure about your past experiences and skills, then you’re not preparing yourself for all the professional development you’ll gain when you accept a challenge.

3. You know more than you think: the power of reflection and resourcefulness

Looking for tasks based only on what skills you possess also limits your critical thinking when it comes to clever decision making… At Minite, we believe in opportunities, and in order to bridge the gap between education and career, you’ve got to look beyond the traditional CV-listed capabilities you’ve been taught to collect as you go: you probably know way more than you think, and it’s vital that you take a moment to reflect on how any and all of your past experiences can serve you in this new task. For instance, you may have helped raise funds for your student association last year, in which you had to find and contact companies as sponsors. Prospecting with an unofficial title-- when applying for a sales task, be resourceful and use this experience to your advantage! You know what it takes to find leads and finance a project, and now you can further develop that skill, even though you were never given an official certificate for it. Your experiences are all assets, it’s up to you to turn them to gold as a High-Flyer.

Your experiences are all assets, it’s up to you to turn them to gold as a High-Flyer.

With that, we’ll let the search begin! You’ve built a clever eye with these top-three criteria, so choose your task carefully, with confidence in the opportunity it provides, not in the comfort of your own capabilities.

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