Hustle & Heart is a proud partner of Minite, working collaboratively towards a more inclusive future. By using Minite's anonymized applications, we ensure a bias-free selection of the best talent. We live and breathe equal opportunities.

Hustle & Heart Consultancy

Hustle & Heart Consultancy is a career development agency that helps corporations develop and retain their high-performing talent. We specialize in the retention underrepresented talent like women, people of color, LGTBT+ community. Developing and empowering those who have been under recognized and engaging on a human centric level with those who have the power to challenge the norm.

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Fact sheet

Shenin is also a TV/Film producer. She even has a film on Netflix NL, based on her idea. ‘Alles voor Elkaar’

Shenin still works with the same Minite High-Flyer, Wienona Setiawan. 1,5 years now.

Hustle & Heart client portfolio: Nike, ABN AMRO, PwC,, Lululemon, just to name a few.

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