Pectcof is a proud partner of Minite, working collaboratively towards a more inclusive future. By using Minite's anonymized applications, we ensure a bias-free selection of the best talent. We live and breathe equal opportunities.


Pectcof developed a patented biorefinery technology to extract high-value ingredients from an unexploited resource, the coffee pulp, and in parallel built the know-how on the product and its application. The extracts are used singularly and/or blended to obtain a stabilizer, texturizer, and emulsifier for the F&B industry denominated DutchGum®. The team consists of a knowledgeable and experienced group of committed entrepreneurs, engineers and finance experts, with a broad network in the F&B industry and links to top-research centers such as WUR.

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Fact sheet

Core team of 5 highly motivated professionals

Multi-cultural and multi-national team

Fast-growing scale-up with lab in Amsterdam and pilot in Venlo

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PectCof unlocks the potential of coffee pulp biomass.